Sunday, March 20, 2011

somethings -

K.Lo wished to pass along the following photo to you. She came back with her fabricated once a pinwheel/now an umbrella contraption only to find that you weren’t “in the computer anymore.” Which caused a sadface. But then I said I’d take a picture and send it to you. And she smiled. She’s been talking about you and Marley and Bodo ever since.


A day in the life, indeed. Yesterday we finished rescreening the porch, which adds a whole extra room to our house, relatively free of bugs and blistering sun, which makes a fair penelope happy. Here’s a glimpse. But I need more pictures. That’s the table from my parents, along with the chairs, that I plan to sand and paint in outdoorenamal RED.


Also, I am apparently allergic to all sandals, even the pricey ones. Really. It’s almost as bad as you being allergic to strawberries. My feet are just so itchy and the world is cruel.

And I as I noted to you, the kitchen will be cinnamon. Here are the choices, but it’s going to be the top one. Two “cinnamon stick” and a “cinnamon cherry.” And there’s the fluorescent overhead issue which I really did not mean to cause. I mean it was an issue in that I do not at all love and in fact get a headache in response to glaring fluorescents. But now it’s an even bigger issue in that I removed the cover to disable two out of the four lights and then um sortof broke said cover when attempting to put it back up? Oopsie. Anyway. Cinnamon stick. Top one.


And short on funds, kitchen lightless, etc, I’m down to the selection of kcups that came free with the kcup brewer, and most of them are “bold” or “extrabold?” Which is just – bold. Bold coffees do not eff around. They are like, I AM COFFEE. HI. And I’m like, um. Hi. Hello. You don’t taste like grass or even a diner beverage requested to be topped off every 30 seconds, but here you are. Hello.

To continue our supermoon thread occurring via email, here are my pictures. Here is the supermoon where I live. I’ve frankly seen it bigger – twss – but it was still wicked in my sky.



Last night we watched the vampires that I got for my birthday. I love the vampires. The movie was slipped into the box containing my cake when I wasn’t looking. Oh and here’s my serenading K.Lo along with my cake. I’d show you the top, but they messed up at the bakery or something and it didn’t say penelope. Some other girl’s name. So strange.


I can’t believe it about that wedding that ended? I mean what a sucky return on your investment. You should at least have gotten unending love and commitment out of your $800+. I mean honestly. Also yay for Sarah and her glutenfree pizza secrets. I saw a slice myself and attest it did actually resemble pizza. Not that I’d ever eat it myself, but I’m totally happy for you. Smile


tortured. artisty. pen.


mendacious said...

LOve IT!

love the wicked moon and all the rest of this.

-yes, and the cinnamon, and o' woe for the light fixture but horror on the flourescent
-explain more about itchy sandal feet?
-jealous of your porch and your one day red tables.
-funny about the wrong cake name and the extra bold coffee. hello, bold coffee. Helllllo.

almost anonymous said...

Yay for the moon pictures! Great ones! It sort of makes up for not seeing it here.

And the screened in porch is way cool. If we had one I'd consider sleeping there in the summer.

pen said...

i have considered sleeping out there! but today it's chilly so that thought has left my mind. brrr.