Tuesday, March 1, 2011

about you -

Things I never knew before Chi ‘11:

- M does not like to ride backward on the train.

- M panics about selecting books. The pressure, the commitment. She does better when handed a book and told, “Read this. I know you’ll love it.”

- M can read a map very well. Not always in her life, but one day it clicked. Except sometimes, especially after a bout of stomach flu, directional challenges can get dicey. As in walking toward a dead-end in the airport, or traversing the same block three times in pursuit of an Ann Sather’s. Or a Whole Foods. But she’ll always ask directions without reservation, culling the best answer from several.

- M does not like to shop. Not really. She’s all business. Although it’s probably in your best interest to leave the bookstore after 20 minutes, anyway.

- M will not let you buy the little Buddha whose belly you wish to rub. Because it won’t bring you money, not really. Instead, she’ll suggest a prayer card addressing Jesus re: financial woes. Which you won’t buy because you’re too busy pouting.

- M sees the art in modern installations, where I more often see glorified finger-painting. She’s excited; I’m furious. (Although I’m sure she’s right.)

- M is a bottom-of-the-tube toothpaste squeezer. Just like J.Lo. Non-negotiable.

- M does not like olives, neither green nor black. (Also just like J.Lo.) Or mushrooms. Which only means more for me.

So many new revelations! For future travel, I’m keeping my notebook at the ready for more information, as it is received.




almost anonymous said...

The backwards-facing train seat avoidance I would have guessed, based on overall motion illness issues :)

somebody's mom said...

I only learned recently about the toothpaste tube thing. Turns out I have been driving her nuts with my squeezing near the top ever since the toothpaste as been in the cup on the counter instead of in the drawer. Gosh!

mendacious said...

don't forget my expert orange peeling....

i love this list. because its all about me...

must start my list anon. (am home but blurry eyed and eyeing the bed)