Sunday, March 13, 2011

for lenten reference -

I like the reframing of perspective here, the things from which we fast vs. those on which we feast.




“Gracious Lord and Savior, by your example, we are called to a time of meditation and fasting. By your Holy Spirit, help us to fast from judging others;

feasting on the Christ dwelling within them.

To fast from emphasis on differences;

feasting on the unity of all life.

To fast from dark thoughts;

feasting on the reality of light.

To fast from discontent;

feasting on gratitude.

To fast from anger;

feasting on patience.

To fast from pessimism;

feasting on optimism.

To fast from worry;

feasting on trust.

To fast from bitterness;

feasting on forgiveness.

To fast from self-concern;

feasting on compassion for others.

To fast from personal anxiety;

feasting on your promised salvation.

To fast from discouragement;

feasting on hope.

To fast from suspicion;

feasting on divine truth.

To fast from words that defeat;

feasting on actions that inspire.

To fast from idle gossip;

feasting on respectful silence.

Grant to us, O Lord, a spirit of humility, patience and love so we can truly become your body broken and shared for the world. Amen.”


somebody's mom said...

Lovely and meditative.

ashley said...

Worth meditation upon...beatitudinal, almost.