Tuesday, March 15, 2011

currently -

I’m waiting for K.Lo to go to sleep, which is going to take awhile, because really it’s like 7:15PM and not 8:15PM like the clock says. Dear Benjamin Franklin… DST was a cute idea, but clearly you were not anyone’s mom.

Anyway, K.Lo’s got her Pillow Pet turtle wearing a Cabbage Patch NY Yankees jersey and a white lacy Baptismal bib, and is calling her Grandma Turtle. And apparently Grandma Turtle is witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus. Poor Jesus, who was killed by the bad men.

Yep, we went to church yesterday. 

On a sidenote, I was thinking about growing out my hair as well, primarily in protest of the crap selection of stylists here. Like the one place I was considering – I took K.Lo there, and the stylist did not cut a straight line. Pretty grim pickins. So I’ll either break down and travel elsewhere for a haircut, or maybe I’ll let it grow. For now it’s growing. I’m not in a hurry. More curious about what it’ll do this time. Like hmm, will it finally lay right? Might I actually look good with long hair? It’s doubtful but maybe I’ll go there for awhile and see.

Chicago is still on my mind a bit, but too like a distant yet lovely memory. I still need to post my pics of Graceland? Or maybe not.


currently -

It’s the next day and I’m procrastinating easing into what I’d like to accomplish for Job 1 today. Job 2 appears to be experiencing another lull, which again I won’t ponder. It leaves me more time to stare into space while I wait.

I will say that I’d be lost without books. The HG trilogy is nothing short of amazing and dareIsuggest that if they weren’t so popular you might like them too. ;)

Here in Lenten season, or maybe it’s pre-spring, or maybe it’s simply this transitory season of life, I also feel myself looking around, blinking, wondering. I’m really not ready to feast. Fasting, I can work on that. But feasting on all the listed items in the litany – I can gaze upon them, these beautiful words laid out on the table, but I can’t yet taste. Maybe a sampling thieved surreptitiously here or there, but I’m not ready to sit down and engage with each dish.

that’s all for now –

your penelope

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