Thursday, March 17, 2011

Future Pen,

Look it's the FUTURE!

We finally are trying out future means of communication. We are not entirely sure about it. The frenetic energy of webcamming. It was fun though- the day in the life of. I got to see her brood and her Best BF J.lo. And she brought her bobblehead Dwight out just for me. I'm sure we could master the art of such a thing. But it might be more reserved for when we're feeling whimsical or daring. I'm not sure. I think we did manage to talk about some things. Cards were mentioned. Birthday events. Much talk about CornBeefCabbage something or other. Cats. Dogs. Sarcastic references to jobs, money and spinsterhood were made. I got to see dolls and backpacks and see nlo. and his clothes on backward. Pen assured me before that he was not naked. And klo was running around in a bathing suit but that's because there was a lu-ou? how do you spell that. lu... something happening downstairs. And that the basement was a place they were going to have to get used to. Pretty fantastic. and yea! good times!

It seems as if it was some sort of silly dream. A good dream that charged my morning in a positive way just now. I'm all smiles and that was sillyness. Next time we'll have to have tea or pick a craft. Our energies as much as we sit down to type do not do well to sit down and talk pretend. I would ponder this more, and i'm sure pen has much to say, but i have that xbox game borderlands to play.

m. OUT.

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somebody's mom said...

Rah! Right out there into the 21st century!