Monday, March 28, 2011


So this is what I wrote to the woman for the job i was up for. Not sure if i shared it with you- so i'll enclose it now. Having not found the words yet to reply back to her I do find they fail to meet my requirements for a job as i am not being communicated with, trusted, utilized, needed or purposeful... It bums me out. Let's be honest. I was going to complain about my dog not being better or worse and now slightly better than before? And the vet just giving him anti-dizzy meds but not anti-biotics. But you were on chat. So we chatted. It's different for us. Though different in a, we used to communicate via chat years ago and here we are again. As neither of us want to write tomes on feeling stuck in the same place. I mean we should- we will soon I'm sure. But for now. LMFAO and TTYL. ;)

How do you describe yourself?

I would describe myself in the following list: independent, creative, goal and task oriented, lover of lists, organized, pragmatic, highly verbal and communicative, tragically not mechanical or engineering minded, INTJ, good at discerning systems and concepts, craves order and boundaries, does well in crisis, reliable, loyal, calm and driven.

When people say what do you do? how do you answer that?

I say I’m an artist. If pressed I might expound on the various work I’ve done (from research, scenic artist to tour guide and stage manager), and of those, which have been significant to me- in my development as an artist, or personally what I’ve enjoyed putting my hand and mind too, or found challenging. Sometimes I may even wax philosophic on the fact that I come from a line of craftspeople and sheep herders (I love to see my place in an historical context.)

And when someone asks you what do you want to do in the future? What is that answer?

I tend to give myself a degree of latitude in this area, as my answer first addresses the fact that in the future I hope I am still actively learning, pursuing knowledge, and creatively developing, and challenging myself- so that I am not doing a disservice to myself or to the people that know me, in exploring and living in the world. I try to strike a balance between pursuit and avenues of change—being open to the possibilities of the unexpected, while walking in what I know. I don’t want to close doors, just because I can’t conceive of them!
The answer that relates to work, the dollar and cents issue of future, usually address the basic needs I find most sustaining in work environments- that usually being community, feeling needed and utilized, trusted, communicated with, and purposeful. Overall I know I need something that meets both my financial needs and matches my skill set, and an ability to gain experience for future employment would also be beneficial—as being grounded is just as important as being visionary. I most want to be responsible and helpful.


pen said...

Um, i love these answers. how could they not read them and love you back?

ttfn -

mendacious said...

it's more of a basic WTF situation. she loved me. i talked to her for an hour. i met with people even...

its definitely NF.