Monday, March 28, 2011

m’s heart is sad

And so therefore is mine.

 bodoill be good

bodo at the gate

Rest in peace, sweet Bodo. Hope you are chasing tennis balls in the sky.


ashley said...

Dear sweet Bodo,
Thank you for being such a fine and faithful companion to M. She loved you well and you loved her with canine ferocity. She shall miss you, and there will be a special part of her heart still scattered with bits of your fur and perhaps your slobber - eager, doting slobber. Rest well, Bodo.

Dear M,
My heart hurts for you so much. These friends we have cannot be replaced. They must be mourned and celebrated and memorialized. I wish you whatever you need at this time - silence, solitude or Starbucks.

Much Love,

mendacious said...

aw stop making me cry ya'all.

(i do need starbucks)

almost anonymous said...

Bodo, you will be missed as the faithful door greeter at Casa de M. May your time now be filled with long walks, tennis balls to chase, and Zep to romp with.

M, we should definitely work a 'Bucks stop on our next adventure. I've got gift cards from work :)

Andria said...

saddened by your loss and thinking of you.

jenn said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Bodo. He looks to be the most perfect kind of furry friend.