Tuesday, October 30, 2012

yes -

- the candy corn is like wrought iron gate of sugary cemeteries. Also, you've made me hungry (thirsty?) for hot chocolate.

I like the CS Lewis book, although this particular copy smells, but not necessarily in a delightful old-book-smelling way? It's not that old, first of all. It's more like it once lived in an unfortunate-scented house and can't shake off that part of its past. It rambliness reminds me of the philosophy books I read in college, except a little more casual, for as non-casual as CS Lewis is - even though I swear he insists he isn't. Okay, CS Lewis. We all know you had elbow patches on your suit jackets. And I know this book was given originally as a talk, and then he futzed with the manuscript before publishing to make it sound a certain way - either more like a person talking, or not, but anyway - if I imagine it as spoken, it's a lot easier to get through. Otherwise you're trying to wrap your mind around his ideas like he is Descartes arguing about his existence, or something.

That being said, I haven't even gotten to his thoughts on Christianity. We're still laboring over society. I mean discussing. Casually. With our elbow patches on.

There was this car accident in town last week that I heard about through my neighbor - not necessarily noteworthy, except that it was in an odd stretch of road and especially, um, gruesome? Like the nurse that works with my neighbor's husband couldn't shake it off that day, even though she sees death all the time. Something about a sliced-off skull. So I was trying to figure out where exactly it happened and it turned out to be right where I turn every single preschool day when dropping off N.Lo. And, I still don't really get it, except that the driver had to have been positively racing, and/or completely distracted for her car to have ended up like it did (obliterated). It's just one of those things. I pass by the cemetery across the street every day and think how peaceful that place seems, but this one particular corner now seems a little haunted.

Frankenstorm blew through, or is still blowing through, effectively killing off fall before its time. Bye, pretty leaves. I'll miss you. But nothing else major happened outside an inexplicable 2-hour delay for K.Lo, which mixed in with figuring when she's going to the doctor (we're on like, day 10 of this cold and it's not getting better), dropping off N.Lo, creeping out about the haunted car-crash corner, etc., threw me for a loop. Oh and also not sleeping well at all last night. Probably that's throwing me more than anything. It was a bizarre, twitchy, caffeinated-type sleep, although I'm not typically affected at this juncture in my coffee-drinking career.

There is an epic chili slow-cooking in the kitchen, which will be rad this evening after hurrying-up-and-waiting to pick up K.Lo, taking her to the doctor, waiting some more, procuring meds, etc.

Also, you don't by chance have DoW as a shareable audio file? Because I could see maybe not loathing it if I listened to it. That worked for another book I wanted to love, once.

May your weeks fill up with more Things to Look Forward To, because those are the good things, the golden things. xxoo

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almost anonymous said...

My grandma told us about a tree down the street from her where a girl fell asleep or lost control or something and crashed and died. Obviously, I didn't know the girl, and we're hardly ever on that street, but it did still seem a little spooky.

(If I remember correctly, school friends painted a big white heart on the tree, but that distressed the mother, so it was repainted brown.)