Sunday, October 28, 2012


Well, see, in your future blogging, you asked too soon about the handbells. But now that you're sleeping, it's happened by now. It was all right - not my best performance, but certainly not terrible either. I skipped a few measures on the last page, and overall I felt like our pace was a little off or slow, which threw me. But I don't feel like I played any wrong notes, and I didn't hyperventilate or anything - bonus! I kept the old man alive today, is what I'm saying. Wherever he is, I play for him.

Your slump could very well be due to an acute lack of volleyball. But tell me more about Bible study. Like who is in it and group dynamic and whatnot.

And I'm definitely choosy with books and unforgiving of certain elements, which may or may not include bad writing. I've rejected both the Stephanie Plum books and the Sookie Stackhouse books because of bad writing, yet I've embraced Twilight. Also I still can't get into Peter and the Starcatchers, knowing full well that it's awesome. And totally, I never made it into the boat with Pi. That is a true story. I recently rejected a short story collection not at all because the writing sucked, because it so didn't, but because the stories were excruciating. And yet The Hunger Games (which I'm about to reread for book club), I'm enthralled with. And recall that while forgiving in nature, I have no reservations about saying - not my cup of tea - and ceasing book consumption IMMEDIATELY. Essentially we're dealing with a complex algorithm of acceptance, rejection, embracing, resistance, adoration and vitriol that factors in writing quality, reader mood, expectation, heroism, hype (I held out on Harry Potter for more than a year because of those damn holiday display windows at Marshall Fields!), authorial love of its characters, humor, darkness, and the list goes on. And did I mention mood.

I'm still reading DoW, not necessarily seeing the writing as bad, but the pace or I guess as you say it's the monotony? as nearly unforgivable. Teetering by the hour. And honestly if the cover wasn't so delicious...That font! But I feel like I'm slogging through swamp mud, truly, and it's trying to steal my shoes, and I sense intrigue up ahead, just beyond the shadows of the cypress trees, but. I don't know. Will it be worth the journey.

In other news, I made a graveyard cake for K.Lo's school cakewalk and also won a cake on the first try. So that was awesome. And I channeled my Grandmother, the former Butcher of Penny Lane, by hacking at several lavender plants and other shrubs in the front yard. Strangely satisfying, the crunch of those giant blades.

Andbutso. I hope your cold goes away soon.

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