Tuesday, October 23, 2012

so now

Drinking coffee, eating pumpkin seeds. I hope you do blog everyday! but not die everyday, that would be totally bad. Worse than Russia. The pumpkin seeds came out perfectly this time – must be the temperature? I haven’t made them in awhile, but I seem to remember them cooking faster. but then being not so crunchy. More chewy than crisp. So 250 degrees for an hour and 15 minutes yields excellence, write that down.
Yesterday I became mortal enemies with fusible interfacing. I’m sure the enemyship won’t last forever, but for now it can stay far away from me, as my attempt to make N.Lo his Shrek gloves and vest were entirely thwarted. I’m working on an alternative solution and it will be fine, but anyway. Annoying. And just in case you were wondering, Shrek is not “in” as a costume this year – try the Avengers or Angry Birds. Also not in? Halloween costumes. Because it’s 8 days before Halloween and Target is clearing the shelves of them to make way for Christmas.
I feel like I’m mostly over my cold? Except now K.Lo has it, although it’s progressing at a much faster rate. Every morning she wakes surrounded by a pile of crumpled tissues, the poor Bug.
And what else… oh! ProRun! Let me know when it’s okay to talk about that. Will you be watching All-Stars? I cringe at seeing Wendy Pepper somehow, like I can’t stand seeing her raked over the coals of cattiness again. And also, why can’t I stop watching ANTM? It’s truly horrible, a shadow of its former awesomeness. If it ever was awesome. Wait it was – season 1. Then it went downhill from there, and then they fired Nigel and the Jays. The end.
And what will I do now that Switched at Birth is hiatus-ing until January?
And have you ever read Mere Christianity, or?
Okay, I’m out of thoughts. and it’s totally your turn again! 

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