Monday, October 29, 2012


Hey you,

Hovering here. But it's tuesday so that's something. Tomorrow is game day as it's halloween. And it's only because every other hagwon does it. So far the only breath of air i've seen my school take outside of the harrowingly rigidity of books, pace and performance (and once or twice a typhoon). And apparently we're not allowed to go outside. That subject sort of exhausts me. Obviously we're talking some serious repression happening. I think one side of me has lots of expletives stored up and the other side is like there there M it's not so bad. But when i think about it i just get that really loud emergency drone sound. And i'm like someone shut that off!

So biblestudy well, it was our listening group and then you know the nutmeg forest happened and karma (the girl not the force) was like in/out/in/mostly out, so sjt and myself find time to pray and listen for each other- which explained how the no plan- just show up in vietnam thing- got picked, and there's a guy here- craig but said with a south african accent so it's like kregg. and he's very into theology and teaching and wants to get a masters in it and he's the one starting the biblestudies- it's pretty funny in that it's all girls. sjt and i sit there mainly knowing and agreeing or disagreeing with what he says (aka part of the choir) but i can't say we're challenged which i guess we dont have to be. there more like sermons. and we sit at a place called choco art and have hot chocolate or coffee drinks and listen and chat and who comes fluxs from week to week- and sjt and i are like- really there should be more prayer in this and he is always like yes, but mostly NO. and we sit there and are just well hummm about it. but whatever. i'm ambivilant even in my explanation of it really. I know God is doing something in it. And I like having something in the week to look forward to- a meet up so to speak. And i think a lot of girls are provoked by what he says... and it's funny to see the problems we have at our church in LA being played out at a microcosmic level here on jeju- lack of men, lack of prayer, lots of women seeking and needing grounding... etc. If i go tonight i promise to actually set the scene instead of blather on about it.

Ps. that candy corn looks totally menacing.


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