Thursday, October 25, 2012


I do remember your advocating The Screwtape Letters, but if Mere Christianity was connected, it didn’t stand out? Hmm. Because it’s much different than TSL, correct? with TSL being more overtly provocative? Anyway, aa also mentioned Blue Like Jazz for cynical moods/parties. But I’m thinking I’ll look over both and see which one if any the cynical party in question would respond to. maybe.

Does Discovery of Witches get better? Because I’m up to maybe chapter 5 and bored. Please advise whether it’s one of those that gets better after the first x amount of pages if one only perseveres/slogs through. Or maybe it’s just not for me. Like Life of Pi, which I keep seeing the movie previews for and thinking – eh. One of those books I still feel pressure to LOVE THOROUGHLY, but I couldn’t get through the thing.

I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU VOTED. Perhaps that didn’t deserve caps, but sort of? Mainly because I feel like you had mentioned it before leaving with a shrug and a –? I do get what you’re saying about patriotism, I feel that, too. Although for whatever reason, regardless of who they are or how good or bad they’re perceived to be doing, I do feel a basic sense of reverence. Maybe that’s a childhood thing carried over. But at it’s core, it’s like – our President! Wow! Like there’s just something about it, all the bullshit aside. And all the overblown expectations aside. Like yes, the President should ultimately help make the world a better place, but so shouldn’t we all? I’m just saying.

Also, I considered early voting, and griped very briefly and passionately about the fact that the children BOTH HAVE ELECTION DAY OFF – wtf – okay I’m clearly not over it. But I’m trying to channel that disgruntled-ness into – we’ll all go together and I’ll teach them about exercising their civic duty! and probably they’ll get stickers, which is always exciting. But seriously, one of the bonuses of SCHOOL is going to vote without having to juggle your children, for pete’s sake. I was looking forward to that for years! Years, I tell you.

And now here I am, mucking up my blog post with the very thing that wears me out about FB and Tw for that matter. I still haven’t spent a lot of time recently on either.

Anyway, the first of four Halloween events was yesterday at church – some old school, but endearing, party games? I’m always torn about bobbing for apples, and about scavenging for Hershey’s kisses in powdered sugar for that matter. Particularly when a certain child refuses to bob for apples, but after all the apples are gone, let’s dunk our face into the water! and essentially make a glue out of the powdered sugar remnant. Gag. Not to mention we’re at a peak in Germ Season. Just saying. At any rate, my council is supposed to take over the event next year, and I’m pondering changes, but then do I mess with what is clearly a popular event?

Sunday I play bells! I don’t think I’m nervous, but maybe I am.

It’s 80 here (but only during the day; nights are still reasonably cool) for one more day and then it’s back to fall. I can live with that. Although yesterday’s photo-of-the-day prompt was #weather, and that was fairly uninspiring timing. Just like today’s is #people, on the one day all week I plan to stay home and avoid errands at all cost.

love to you! hilars totes adorbs!



almost anonymous said...

Let's start a paper chain countdown for the end of the political ads. (I'm sure it's too much to expect an end to the posts.)

I remember going with my mom to vote on the big punch card machine. Now their whole state votes by mail, and I'm registered as a permanent absentee (mail-in) in mine. Less fuss, but no sticker.

Hurrah for bells!

Somebody's mom said...

hFor whatever it's worth, I really enjoyed the Life of Pi, but don't expect to like the movie, because, well, I am pretty sure, what I imagined makes more sense to me than what I'll see on the screen.