Friday, October 26, 2012


re: the voting thing- i know. I totally blame my parents. I think they sent me some materials and then i was staring at it and finally went oh whatever lets see, and then it became this to do list- and then it showed up in my mailbox and fb posts started about it and general conversations around the VB watering hole and there it was in my brain as something inevitable. I don't know. I acknowledge it's a bit crazy and frankly i'd like to actually be excited for who i'm voting for. I don't have that latent veneration you have held over. I must have it for some things like that or the anthem wouldn't make me cry. hard to say. but i'm all you must earn my respect and why can't we ... blah something cynicism...

And discovery of witches hmm- I mean it was an easy listen, so reading it- i can't say. It might strike one as generally monotonous but I didn't mind it except the infuriating dun dun it's a sequal BS. So take it as you will. Also Life of Pi- how far did you get? because I recall that the first 60-100 pages was an absolute dreary slog but then woh! wow! captivating. All the blathering about the zoo and whatever dry toast but once he gets on the boat... so good. DW is in nowhere near the same league, and not worth the championing- though generally i feel you are much more forgiving of badly written things then i am... or wait is that the reverse? Hmm. I just avoid, where as you are choosy and specific? We should break this down more but I have a head cold that my chiro visit came a day too late to help deflect. I also got my first of 3!? shots for jap.encephalitis. Which by the way i spelled correctly the first time.

I will say my experience is so typical sometimes of how they treat foreigners, but not typical of the times i've gone- where it's been a lot better so maybe not typical then but a certain kind of well that happened. It's one of those- go in forearmed kind of things. The nurse avoids me for a minute. A patient notices her actually avoiding me and i notice him noticing it and I don't remember who actually spoke first but she clarified that i wanted a "shot", and another nurse made a jabbing motion later just to make sure, then they asked for my ID card, then i stood in line (for what? I don't know? paperwork? oh ok), then they had another handler nurse come get me and escort me (because I couldn't find it myself?! super nice though) down to the basement where she sort of not very thoroughly looked up what i needed and luckily i knew and she did ask if i had any other questions and then said- oh you have to go the airport if you want the yellow fever vaccination. I dont have it here at the (um hello, actual) hospital. Funny. Then another handler came and escorted me back up to the 3rd floor where I got the first of the three shots. And i guess later maybe the typhoid pills. Shenanigans. Anyway all of that going here and there could've been avoided if they'd let me talk to the doctor who speaks good english. But i did have to visit 3 locations so they figured efficiency was better then a confused me wandering around going WTF! maybe it's a trust issue.

Also the day just sort of deflated from there- fatigue right? Then i dragged a student out of the room because she wouldn't give me her cellphone. Which i shouldn't have done, as funny and ridiculous as it was because she thought she was stronger then me. She was strong though I will say that. And I can see how she bullies people because of her strength- i'm not sending her to the directors though because I like her but with that caveat you better not pull that again or else. And then sg was like oh two of your students complained that they were bored/didn't like the foreign teacher program and i'm just looking at her like AND?! And then some other student wrote all this profanity in korean on one of my desks. So we ended the night with icecream. Though the russian curmudgeon has lately been making this funny side commentary to me- like did you survive your talk?! and what's with physically restraining that kid in the hallway. It makes me laugh over him just observing the absurdity of my day to day. And me allowing myself to process that it's profoundlY ALL ridiculous.

And today i've dithered a good couple hours away - i did sweep, make a smoothie and do laundry- i'm very active in my convalescence. But really that's about it. I've got to recline now . I really do.

mmm bells. !.


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