Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hello, its your turn right? I mean i'm just saying. No pressure. I was technically late blogging from the future that last time. So you know, we can play fast and loose with time. It's not like anyone else is out there- i just had this apocalyptic feeling when I wrote that. Like we're lone survivors on isolated outposts in the middle of nowhere and for some reason or because of fate... you know, we can still communicate with one another across the barren wastelands.

I have a cold by the way. It's seriously annoying. Oh hells bells. How'd it go by the way?

What if you were the lone survivor in wherever your town somewhere USA, and your last happiest moment before whatever it was happened was playing bells in a church and everyday you went to sound out bells, the same song, sometimes a different one, over the airwaves (because hello, before whatever killed whoever off they had a transister radio) hoping someone was out there and there was this one old man who everyday thought about killing himself, but if he tuned in and you were playing he would change his mind, but there was no way for him to tell you this... what would happen...

Today i've been walking around in a haze- and I really dont have high hopes for the week. I dont know why a month can go by and it's all woohoo positive mental space and then suddenly 2 wks running and forwhatever reason GRIND. So uncool. I have biblestudy to look fwd to i guess? And wednesday is nothing but halloween games? Which sounds exhausting. And i have to finish reportcards tomorrow. Frickin.

Are we there yet?


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