Friday, October 12, 2012

wagons, on and off

We haven’t blogged in all too long (do we need to impose another mandate? because that was pretty fun. and productive.), but to be fair, technology often impedes. Blogger, and Posterous for that matter, ought to get their shiz together on their apps, because me and picture uploading are not going through the easiest time. K.Lo lost her first tooth a week ago, for heaven’s sake, and have I blogged about it yet? No, but I TRIED. Efforts were made. And I’ll do another photo addendum to this post, but I’m not particularly thrilled it has to be an addendum anyway. Just saying. Go ahead and heckle me Wonka, or maybe I’m baiting you.

So I finished painting the shutters. It only took me a year and a half to get around to that. But I was intimidated for at least a year, thinking I had to paint them on the house, thinking they were wood and not vinyl, thinking it would cost me more, etc. I realize most of my productivity is hampered by imagined hangups. But then also, it was hampered by wasps, and it was a good thing to wait until the week the weather turned cold. Because there was a gross mess of wasp nests behind those things. Only one set was live, and J.Lo did this spectacular Superman leap over the bush in order to flee, and hurt his back worse then a hypothetical sting and left his wife holding the ladder, but that’s the power of instincts? To run-for-our-own-lives when we see a squirrel leaping from the Christmas tree. I mean a wasp nest fall from behind the shutter.

In between painting, there was a good amount of scrubbing of said nests and the house in general, so the now the front is rather spiffy. It was a Rosie the Riveter moment for sure.

I feel like we’re completely missing the mark with the weedy flowerbeds, but one thing at a time? Or plant a bunch more flowers to conceal the weeds? Or?

I’m not overly concerned, clearly.

And handbells is going better than it was (I hope you get to see me play sometime!), and it goes best when I don’t think at all. Which applies to most of my life, probably.

Wednesday night was nice and terrifying, with N.Lo waking up with this barking cough my sleepy mind knew but couldn’t name. Croup. Plus a sinus infection, so Thursday morning was spent at the doctor and the pharmacy procuring an arsenal of meds. And also that dollar bin backscratcher for K.Lo. She’s been asking for one for like, two years, and suddenly there it was.

Oh, and did I mention my demolition derby moment from last week in the parking lot at church? I backed into a truck (no damage) and while I was in a panic inspecting it, another car backed into me (also no damage). It was all dark outside and probably a full moon, because how else to explain this utter ridiculousness. But also the luck or grace contained therein, because how there were no scratches and further pain and suffering with insurance matters, I have no idea. Not that I didn’t internally panic all night over my seeming a terrible-driving ditz to the older guys in the parking lot who witnessed or took part in the derby. But now one of them smiles at me more and asked me about my car this week, rather than silently judging me as I had imagined.

Today is Friday. Or your Saturday. It will feature a post office/library/grocery run, as well as the tedious and soul-numbing task of slogging through however-many-assignments I can get through while hanging out with an N.Lo. Who is feeling much better. But makes me feel guilty when he says, But why don’t you want to play with me right now? oh but I do.

Anyway. I need breakfast.


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