Monday, October 22, 2012

pen pics

Ladybugs are everywhere! Swarming the house, I tell you.
Which I don’t normally notice until after the season is over
and the carcasses litter the basement floor.
Oh fall. The foliage isn’t the most awesome ever,
but there are certain trees that look like fire.
Photo challenge – it was fruit that day.
#71 – from a coping list I wrote while working at Verizon wireless.
"Pretend you just got lost on the way to the grocery store, and simply, temporarily, landed at this desk."
Want to see more? They’re hilarious!
The Avengers cutouts from N.Lo’s cake.
Fiery sparks.
Maniacal pumpkin-carving J.Lo.
Snickerdoodle cake! Pretzel letters!

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almost anonymous said...

I want to see more of the list!