Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wait, what?

We're suppose to bridging that gap right? Failing at it because we're too distracted with Fall tv probably? I don't know. It sucks. For instance Cath didn't even tell me until 3 weeks after that both she and her boy are decidely head over heels for one another. I was like it took you 3 wks to tell me that!? And she didn't even bring it up of her own volition. Like oh, when you say it that way M, i mean it does seem like a long time. I don't remember who i tell things too... UH. She totally blammed the distance too and having actual friends in her immediate vicinity. The cracks I tell you. They form in even the longest and most enduring friendships. She'll be all ps. did i tell you we're getting married and living happily ever after? And i'll be all WHAT!? And then just to get revenge I'll be all p.s. i'm moving to Russia, to live out my life in a shack on the edge of the world- ALONE without the internet. I dont really have an excuse for my bad writing, or lack of question asking, except my brain gets sucked out of my head in the morning and at night and those are the only times i have to write and then i have that pressure thing where the clock is ticking before work or the clock is ticking before bed. It's sort of ridiculous and relentless. But whatever. For instance i can't stare out into space because i have to go to work in like 20minutes.

This morning in hyper productivity despite sleeping in fairly late- i cooked dinner for myself, prepped a little for smoothies (for the volleyballers), swept, tidyed and swiffered the floor since Nella is staying over because of our ridiculous early departure in the a.m for said volleyballing (stupid tournament schedule), and then I walked out of the house without shoes and only my house flipflops. Whoops. I didn't discover it until i tripped over them while getting on the bus and went oh... sad. My feet will be cold. Also in a true reality of the weather and its horrid decline into cold the floor was too cold for my feet to walk on. I'm not ready to turn on the floor heaters yet however.  I mean it's either that or lattes right?

SJT asked me yesterday if she wanted me to ask God if i should give up coffee and i was all NO. Since I had her pray for me over some Vietnam related stuff and she just confirmed this crazy instinct I already had in an even more crazy way- we balled up the choices on paper, and she picked one, and the weirder thing was I knew which one she was going to pick- not the answer per se but which crumpled up piece of paper, then when I found out which one it was I was like- OF COURSE. I'm not being particularly coherent but as i said, i dont have much time. I'm tempted to reread this infact and edit myself, but no time.

Tonight I'm going to my former co-workers husbands new restaurant- a cheese and bread sort of place. Very cutting edge I feel for this island. But I like it. And then home to paint my nails with volleyballs and manatees on them. I feel the name of our team to be too apt a description of our personalities in general- which will explain, if we don't win, why- we are by far way too gentle, and though competitive over all lacking in bloodlust. Sigh.

What else?! I dont have time to tell you about the bath house- except i was walking around naked for a good couple of hours and going in and out of various pools and sauna rooms. It was exhausting. Sure i was all clean and sparkly and my skin was glowy but well. Hours. Sensory overload and it wasn't because of all the nakedness. Ok, remind me and i'll describe more in detail another day. It was funny when SJT actually led us up to the wrong room- the all men area... we were clothed, they weren't. There was some eye contact between her and a guy as she was like, guys , uh oh no. Wrong room. Go down, go down. Hurry. What else? Skipped out on the chiro today-

Ok i really have to go stare into space. 10more minutes until really i should be doing something about something and then ticking down the hours class by class. It'll go fast. Even though it's my long day. And by long we mean starting later and ending later as these things tend to go... since if i were going to start early none of this chattering wouldve been possible anyway? Questions. Follow ups...

xo, m.
(lest i forgot who we are) my dearest and ever fond of you, penelope.

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