Monday, October 22, 2012

#2 of my must blog or die everyday

though i'm pretty sure it's your turn to blog. we didn't discuss it and i am impatient and in the future as i talk to death about- and i'm so in need of bed- total crankerson- i did have a coffeeshake, some ricenoodles, and tea- which obviously equals ready for bed. and the students just by their studentness were sucking the life out of me. and i have a super stiff neck from i'm pretty sure that brain thudding fall i took- sand's supposed?tobe?forgiving? and yet? and then i didn't even get the ball ?? just fell wrong. i do have a sad list of minor non threatening injuries. it's like tim didnt even care his elbow came down on my collar bone. there's a bruise i'll have you know (whine) and i can sort of bend my neck- sorry chiropractor i need to see wednesday maybe? and there was some fighting/bickering but love in the end really overall... and some teams- 1 in particular i actually started praying against- because our energy was being sucked out- we were were highly emotionally sensitive as a team- really weird- and by the way it worked- the dark energy coming from the other team just shut up and we kicked their asses. that felt good. thanks Jesus! what else- mosquitos still really!? jeju!? i mean come on. allright i'm just going to start complaining. i better go. so many nuances i can go on about also about my love for the tournament and the volleyballing but that might bore even me to relate-

love you. (i promise no no internet russia), but still the details about you know who and what are still MISSING!

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