Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I woke up this morning and my lipcracked! I can't imagine what's going to happen when i go back to LA or am i like really dehydrated? I guess that's probably it. I know that's why cuticles split. I was going to stay in the apt and write this but no, i'm at yoger listening to kpop with an iced latte. It's a glorious fall day. Crisp, warm, non-melancholic which is nice. Which I need. Work- so tired at it the last two days. Haven't recovered from the non-stop volleyballing. Oh and K's last day is on 31, not friday. Which got me thinking about my contract. They were going to try and shrift me out of a day- which i get since it's technically vacation. But i was like hey wait a minute. Of course now it looks like K was trying to manipulate the situation to get me to demand my rights- but that's what conspiracy theorists think- whereas i was actually going wait a second? So if my out date is the 31st- count back 5 days then i leave the 24th? But whatever. And by luck i didn't answer/hear the phone when sg called so now i have her pondering the outdate in writing. Which is great. And neither of us actually have official copies of my contract. So there's that. Man this latte is beyond delicious today. (surpressing latent frustration, anger at sg and wanting her badly to be different. I don't pray for her enough [at all] and i should.). Anyway- latte. Grassy. Earth. Awesomeness. I still cant drink it without sugar but i'm finding the depth of taste people always said there was. I was hoping to break the habit a bit in vietnam- but hello good coffee! here i come. And pondering getting hand made clothes in hoi an, and wondering how seriously stranded/expensive/will i be/ for the tet festival. Goodbye dragon. Hello snake.

I went to the postoffice, speaking of- got your postcard. Hi-lars. As Megs was oft fond of saying. Along with adorbs. Both grating and yet, lyrical? So i find it slipping out of my mental bag not unlike totes. You know. Totes adorbs.  Cringe. Speaking of- I voted. Go me. Overseas. That's awfully proactive of me. I mean really- above and beyond. It has led to spiraling meditations about patriotism and how one gains or loses pride in ones country. I mean if i had seen the shuttle endeavor in person i might've cried. I might secretly yearn to have a president that makes me proud to be an american- not unlike that scene in drop dead gorgeous. There's something to it- that need- why shouldn't we be. And why does inging the national anthem make me teary eyed?

What else- oh yes, mere chrisitianity. Hello, yes and of COURSE. That was the book cath and i were going to read together before i left. I think? I'm pretty sure. Anyway. And i feel i'd recommended to you before. I really liked it. I found (though it's been a long while) his arguments really compelling.

Besides, that--- vietnam. Tick.Tick.Tick. In a brief chat with my father- he said, so when are you coming home. I said, March I think? Which prompted him to threaten to move all mystuff to the new house because of course by THEN the new house would be completely done and the old house would be in renovation and that room (with all my things I carefully moved into there) has become some sort of 'well if you don't love us enough to come home soon you must not care and therefore i will do X' implication. It's really annoying. With a dash of almost barely endearing. Also we never hug in person or touch at all really but in signing off he gave me the hug emoticon back so i was like sure, hug emoticon back to you padre. It was funny.

Also padres- which reminds me of spanish which reminds me mexico and day of the dead celebrations, which reminds me of trying to explain Lent, Easter and Christianity to my highest level class- which are just barely high level in their learning english- it was awesome. I had kris come in and translate - wait did i tell you this? It was pretty epic. She didn't understand why it was Good Friday either if Jesus dies that day and I said because we get to live Kris- the curse is broken, at which point she threw up her hands and left. Love. And at least one of my students drew the connection of how i was talking and went oh, are you a christian too like Kris? And i said, yes. What else. Ok. I go I go. (I also apologize for not conveying my broken english talking to you enough when talking to my students and how it really does help to get me through when their eyes light up when they see me.)

xo, M...

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