Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh, October (enclosed)

i can't say october is all bad, except for the everywidening hole of financial despair. (please somebody by some effing seaweed. doesn't anyone know anyone anymore?) oh and the b/n near me has already hired for the season. oh and my mentor offered me the job of my dreams but can't afford to pay me, and i had a crazy dream that involved dogs with glowing red eyes and me saying, GO BACK TO HELL WHERE YOU CAME FROM! right after i anointed someone with oil and said, in the name of the father, son, and holyghost. for serious.

but on to better things, the pictures will attest that goodness and conversation pull me back from living in a deep thread of anxiety. just this morning i was doing some deep breathing and after about 7 cups of tea and 5 hours of conversation and peanut brittle, i calmed down enough to smile and be optimistic about korea and the current trajectory of my life. mostly.

here's callie. our badass friend getting thrown down and is about to fiercely wend her way out of it. go deputy blackbelt!
and yah, these are as dangerous and epic as they look. bob redmill rocks the awesomechocolatesauce. which this month has brought me to the um, ok, i'm clearly overeating.

but nevermind about that, look at my Twist!

and yes, this IS only 18minutes from my house. go VALLEY. go. who can resist the lighting.

same place, but emily was throwing a victorian birthday party. which trumped my anti-social ways. we played croquet. i tripped over a whicket to which sarah replied, sticky whicket. both of these photos were actually not staged.. if you can believe it ;)

and here is san clemente. i may have found a way to pee on the beach unnoticed- twice. but if you had seen the cliff i had to climb up, you'd understand why and the water was cold and rocky. and filled with fish and as one fisherman showed me, a baby shark. but don't let that throw you, forget about it as you gaze at the good time. filled with good food (not pictured sadly (paninis, brats, fritattas, salads and such), ridiculous warm weather and tanning.

post beach tea break

and yes, guess what i got when i got home. 2 wks!? what the what government!


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almost anonymous said...

Sticky wicket...I like it.

Are they banana and chocolate?

Tell Twist to stop climbing in the fridge!