Wednesday, November 9, 2011

happy farms

At first I thought the background was flower-filled? And it is, except sometimes it’s all circles with diamonds in the middle.

So here’s my windowsill:

happy green onions – a week ago they did not clear the top of that glass

happy flowers from my mom’s yard, picked by k.lo

sculpey-jesus-in-progress – he has a random red streak on his blue robe but it doesn’t seem inappropriate so it’s staying there

And the fall leaves in the background, which speak for themselves.


Yesterday I was completely jazzed to procure new socks. It’s nice when they don’t have holes.

And today. Today I discovered the poor-girl’s-TJ’s, aka Aldi. What! WHAT. It’s weird, it’s quirky, it’s German. All the old people shop there. You put in a quarter to use the shopping cart and don’t get bags. There’s only one brand/option for each product. But this is all magic. Because I’ve come to loathe too-many-options at the friggin’ grocery store. And plastic bags – hate them! And while I value great customer service, I also hate too-many-people breathing down my back when shopping. And the cashier was super-nice anyway and super-speedy. And there are NO TVs on the end-caps playing an endless stream of commercials and inciting feelings of homicidal rage. And they have cheese! Cheap, fabulous cheese! Jalapeno havarti, for heaven’s sake! And chocolate! Cheap, fabulous chocolate! And granola! Cheap, fabulous granola! And cheap, fabulous apples! Cheaper-than-I’ve-seen-in-years coffee beans! Cheaper-than-the-cheapest-ever potato chips! And dairy products with the ridiculous brand name of Happy Farms! Which makes me feel like I might be carted off to the Happy Farm and held there without bail.

So it took eleven months – but M, I have a grocery store. A beyond cheap one that sells odd and delicious things. This is big.

Excuse me while I create several Aldi fansites, Aldi mugs and a set of I <3 Aldi T-shirts.

Or go back to crocheting my blanket, gluing sculpey Jesus together and painting him a beard. Whichever.




almost anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats on the grocery store!

somebody's mom said...

Joy, oh joy!