Sunday, November 27, 2011

twinkle twinkle

I don’t know where the long holiday weekend (and preceding week) has (have) gone, as it all seems to be a blur of preparations and delicious food and lovely company. And a video chat, and a thoroughly exhausting Voldemart trip. And church, today. And it does appear that the house is relatively clean other than some unpacked holiday boxes, and things are beginning to look both bedecked and bedazzled. So whatever is done, I’m grateful for, because really in my state of Low Energy/Hormonal Spiral, I could have hid in a cave for several days, napping, and been happy. So long as I was provided with a comfortable sleeping bag. And a bag of chips with a side of queso, please.

The to-do list remains, but there’s less pressure in the week to come. And I have a deadline for one project, as requested by me and thusly imposed by you. Always give me a deadline, people! Because I am a latent getter-of-A-pluses, and even though I now taunt the must-get-done list with a detached, observatory air of so-what-if-I-don’t, a good solid deadline will ultimately egg me on, force me into action. So November 30 was the gauntlet you threw down and I’m throwing down the same one on myself for aa’s novel, since she was too nice to give me a deadline waybackwhen – even though I begged! Anyway, I’m more than halfway done and it’s fabulous and belongs on store and library shelves everywhere. She must finish writing it.

Have I said anything of consequence, really? Well here are a few twinkly preview pictures to appease. Until tomorrow -


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I had visions of hanging out at the hotel this weekend proof reading and such...didn't happen.