Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last night, though i was tired and incoherent i tried to muscle up (into the attic) the last couple boxes and a smaller box and a metal christmas tree stand in a box until i misnegotiated up the ladder, fatally teetering, and the metal stand flew at my face and hit me square in the nose, and the smaller box came plummeting down in a barage of now splintered plastic bits and tinsel. The nose running, and eye watering began as i stopped everything, preemptively getting advil and a bag of frozen peas, neverminded the mess and went to watch 'vampire prosecuter'- a csi type procedural but with a guy who happens to be a vampire. It totally works.  (Will he avenge his sister's death, or find the thingthat did this to him in the first place!?)

Which reminds me, as i run the pad of my finger over the now very tender area that I meant to tell you about the other korean drama called "my lovely samsoon". The characters over the arc of 16 episodes went back and forth from Seoul to Jeju a few times, climbing the dormant volcano they have there, as well as some famously steep steps in Seoul. It absolutely taunted me all last month. Seoul or Jeju. Seoul or Jeju. I started watching it for signs, but came out undecided- they could've done a better job of highlighting the texture and attitude of each city but really failed to inform me about both except for the use of public transportation and that Samsoon and Hyun-Jin are going to have a long road ahead of them, since she is a rice cake bakers daughter and he is a rich hotel owner, and we can only hope that Hee-jin starts eating again. So really I'm back where I started except that Damon promises me he'll tell me one way or the other by wednesday- which for them is technically today. Did he mean today? Or did he mean my Wednesday? I mean either way. Well it's 4 am wed over there. I guess i can give them till 4pm my time which is 8am their time... i think.

Otherwise, yes, I cleaned out all my stuff from the attic. Managed to get rid of at least 4 bags worth of stuff. I was impressed with my resolve to simply be done and cleared of a lot of it. I have 1 stuffed animal box 1 keepsake box- and 4 grownup mendacious houseware boxes if she ever lives in a place that is her own. The debate is over the now 2-3 boxes of christmas items- do i put the glass ornaments in a box or keep them in a plastic bag in their own cardboard packaging? Is my compulsion for matching boxes, orderly stacked doing me in? Obviously some of them are too heavy. That is also the problem.  And now do i put the super heavy houseware boxes up in the attic? Or make room for them in the supply room? And some of them i shouldn't have unpacked in the first place. Except the one box where apparently i had left some triple sec? Which exploded into a hot oozing mess. Im glad i found that. These are the things i wonder about as i drift off to sleep- imaginary jobs, the ridiculousness of having all of this stuff in the first place... nevermind thanksgiving, and staying up till 12am to go shopping at kohls. Or my fancy new bras- which i actually must discuss with you. There's no room for them in the drawer that's full of the nowire cotton ones. I shouldn't have bought them anyway but they were half off and i thought new job, new bras right? I mean that is if in fact the job, whatever it is, is real and not imaginary. Only time will tell. I mean i really hope it's soon though. Mom can't afford to support me indefinitely. And my one uncle is too busy not accepting money for his site and my other is too busy ordering honey from tazmania and stuffing his mattress with gold. I know how that sounds. I love them to death. I get that they wouldn't even think of offering to pay for my gradschool debt since the one is too practical and the other thinks i should avoid the govt forever. I mean, i got myself into this mess in the first place but still... oh jeju, jeju.

Whatelse, whatelse?
ps. found and am keeping the now empty box of jujubees you sent me post grad, something about thanks for the ... x and the 'kick in the back'... that's the part i remember. i would look but now it's in the keepsake box in the attic. is that why i like jeju, juju, jeju....


pen said...

holy moly. JEJUBES! it's all become clear!

poor nose. :(

almost anonymous said...

Ouch :(