Friday, November 4, 2011

My darling,

It's late, and i've had unsettling dreams. One where I was on an elevator that reached the top and once it did it rotated top to bottom so that we wre all upside down. No one seemed to mind. Everyone seemed to think it was normal. And then another where i was covered in brine or some dried saltly pattern after a sprinkler system had gone off in a huge office building. It's probably the epsom salt soaks i've been doing lately. They're leeching into my dreams. And backing up the septic tank too.
And i've begun to watch korean soapoperas so i'll let you know when 'My lovely Sam Soon' and 'Vampire Prosecutor' start invading my dreams. I listened to the first part of pimsleur's korean and when they prompted i was able to recall the answers in french. Of course that's not at all what was required but i was amused. Je ne sais pas. Je ne comprend pas. Tu es connais ou' mon fbi bgcheck? which apparently is actually said savez-vous ou' mon cheque.... est? oh well. Nevermind.
More on meditation and the rhythmless days later.


somebody's mom said...


Totally love the color.

Original dreams. That's for sure. You'll be able to say "show me the Starbucks" in no time. Oh wait, they don't have them... maybe... "Show me to the rice noodle shop".
And you'll understand the answer.

Bruckner said...

Bruckner here, perhaps a little too indisposed from an evening of overindulgence. If you really want to have fun with your dreams, I will give you some of my hard earned research! I spend most of my life dreaming so I try to get the most out them. The key to a super awesome dream is to gain knowledge that you are in a dream while you are dreaming. This can be done by training yourself to look out for any of these three elements.
1) Light switches do not work in dreams. I know this doesn't seem like it would possibly be true, but it is.
2) Text/lettering changes. If there is a newspaper/sign/something to read, look away and look back, the words ALWAYS change.
3) Same thing with clocks. Look away, look back. The time WILL be different.

For instance, last night in my dream, my car caught on fire. I jumped out and witnessed my black baby engulfed in flames. In doing so, I caught sight of my license plate. I looked away and looked back. The license plate changed! That's all I needed.

Once you identify that you are in a dream then you will find yourself with the power to do ANYTHING. For me, I'll admit, I usually run around grabbing boobies. You may want to do other things.

mendacious said...

bruckner, this is solid dream advice. the other night when i was flying i kept looking for something to gain loft with and catch the breeze- however the man with the cat face was close to catching me and i was not near any of the safety suggestions...i finally did use a large black tshirt and my plan was about to work if i hadn't woken up when i did.