Sunday, November 6, 2011

Part (XII) Seven

First time I forgot our anniversary and only rememberd a month later while simultaneously hitting another blog low. 7 posts though for 7 years. "winning!" In other news i did muster the strength for a new blogtitlehead, even though the other one hit the struggle so precisely on the head, that was all we needed to say. There was the forces of darkness and light converging upon us, our joy was a weighted statue that was being anchored by time and sinking into an abyss... we'll see what this one does for us. Where's daniel to ask us questions when we need him? Biding his time somewhere and not watching the decline and fall of an unknown blog. Not that we're going to blip ourselves out of existence. Not yet. It's a good sign i'm being so caustic. It almost makes me hopeful.



pen said...

where there is caustic, there is hope.

Bruckner said...

Seven years, holy crap! How old have we become??? (Not that we can't look in a mirror a see our age-ravaged faces).

Yes, point out how I have neglected my annual interrogation of you fine ladies. And also point out how I have neglected my own word baby (blog).

The end of the world is upon us.

mendacious said...

i know right! well bruckner, if you have any questions for us do let us know!