Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LL asked how i was to which i replied,

current things:
-fancy bras don't fit in small drawers. do i hang them? and wear. it's disturbing the equilibrium.
-is tazmanian honey really that magical?
-taking kitten to get shots
-ignoring calls from citibank (everymorning at 839 and sometimes in the afternoon)
-all the etsy 'featured' spaces are gone. why'd my mind tell me to go there? who want's seaweed? come on now!
-playing a ridiculous amount of online racing with the mariobrothers and crew
-waiting, waiting, waiting to hear about jeju island (tomorrow maybe?)
-getting started on 'the great divorce' and the 'good and beautiful God'
-noticed i have a rock collecting problem, as well as an inordinate amount of glasses.
-giving away 4 boxes worth of crapolla to goodwill. victory. goodbye barbie dolls but the garbage pail kids, ok, lets keep those. i didn't say i was logical.
-hit square in the nose by a box with a metal christmas stand in it last night (how i might likely die when i'm older due to fatigue and stupidity filed under: ladder, boxes, climbing)
-watching 2 shows about vampires- dark shadows (de classeee, from the 60's) and the korean soap 'vampire prosecuter' (as you know, will he avenge his sisters death and find the "man" who did this to him?!)
-absolutely resisting stillness - result: eating gf chocolate frosted cupcakes, carrots, lots of tea, mindlessly up late and staring into space doing nothing in particular... certainly not talking to God. i realized that this was the particular condition- if one doesn't want to be productive, or is depressed, but occupied? resolving? to?... uh, maybe i'll... zzzzzzzzzzz. que staring into space. ooo or maybe have some cinammon raisin toast. yes. and some tea. walking sounds like it's going to take a lot of energy. and so is all this sorting. i don't even know how i did it.
-zero remembered dreams, apparently done processing ;)
-raw milk cheese is pretty good
-thanksgiving, ok.
-got a smaller monthly calendar after 11 years. don't know if i'm ready for that kind of downsizing. and yet there it is. will i adjust. it's like everything's in miniature. why'd i go there?
-splitting cuticles
-Nyah-NyahDisappointed smileNinjaAlien
-new pillows
-christmas decs
-what hair removal product do i use? nads/nair/wax?
-i just sneezed
-it's 11:14pm

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pen said...

maybe you are subconsciously downsizing so everything will fit in your korean apartment. not a lot of space for calendars you know.

i ordered the book!