Sunday, November 20, 2011


In the woods. And was this picture really worth it? I struggle without a DLSR. I’m limited. Only as good as my tool, right? I totally shouldn’t complain, because I do love my camera. But to capture the moon! An orange, nearly-full fireball moon over the river (and through the woods). Flanked by the leafless branches of late fall. Reflected in the strangely still water.


Okay, so it was worth it to get a closer look, even if my picture sucked. I walked straight down the trail as advised – but let’s note, why was I even advised in the first place? Does J.Lo really know me at all? Mwah. Obviously when I turned around I wouldn’t find my way back so easily. This is penelope here. I turned one way, and then the other and then back again. At one point I was close enough they spied my flashlight beam. But then I turned around again. Happened upon the cabins and boat dock. Pondered the possibility of leaving my human life for a vampire coven. The skills I would have. The gaping hole left in my vampire soul over having to leave the children behind.

Also, it would have sucked to have run across a possum or a skunk. Or a bear for heaven’s sakes.

Or to sleep outside with no blanket.

Or worry about anything past that. True survival skills and whatnot.

But I emerged eventually. No vampire bites. Muddy shoes. A bruised ego. And nothing left of my earlier beer buzz, but we amended that quickly with some scotch and blue vodka. And campfire light.


somebody's mom said...

Naw, not lost, you just took the scenic route. Firey red moon and a story to tell. It's all good.

mendacious said...

um, and the beer buzz --- hmmmm.

almost anonymous said...

It probably would have required a DSLR, tripod, long shutter, etc. So a nice shot without all the gear and night photography know how.

But if they could see your flashlight, you didn't see the camp fire...? :)

Scenic route and communing with nature. I don't think you were lost.