Monday, October 31, 2011


I know, I know. You won’t touch pinterest with a 10-foot pole. Which I totally understand. Because who needs yetanothersite to which you’re devoting your interest and time. And several other arguments against. But 3 neat things! that I’ve totally done and never would have thought of otherwise ~

Lemon sugar hand scrub, made with sugar, olive oil and lemon juice. Leaves hands lovely.

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Green onion tips in a glass, situated on a sunny windowsill. Allegedly yields a neverending supply.

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And! This is my own picture, taken this morning. J.Lo signed up to bring a 7-layer dip to a work potluck today, and I found this spin. There’s a glow-in-the-dark spider on top!



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erin j said...

what i like about pinterest 1) it makes my stuff i find and love online much more organized. 2)i find lots of stuff i have no time to do but wanna try to be THAT mom! things i not so much about it 1)how the heck to pronounce this? 2) it's a time suck!!!!
i made cupcakes last year with the same idea as your 7 layer dip with spider rings on top.

pen said...

and i'll add: it's lovely eye candy! so fun.