Saturday, November 12, 2011


So you know how we were talking about Adele. I have both 19&21 on my itunes. Further, I have no idea how they got there. No idea. Lucky day. I only like a few of her songs but now i get to hear them incessantly. Rolling, and Fire and Something what not. But seriously, how did they get onto my machine? No recollection. Also can she write about something else besides thwarted romantic love? puh-LEASE. gah.

Last night we had a proper if miniature lengthed storm blow and bluster in. Rattle my window and pound on down. It justified my being up till 2 for sure. Ah, a brief glimpse oh thou temptress, weather. Though those 2 unhappy texts @8am i got about going on down into hollywood at 9am... no. Frickin lotday volunteering nonsense. I believe i stated: ground cold wet. no go. resched. rain last night. The sun would've had to have been glistening in for me to even consider lifting my eyelid more than a slit before dropping back into my pillow until 10. And then kerry calling me complaining about outfits and wedding attendance. Shuffling in my superbly baggypants and flipflops i went on to prepare some teeth staining tea, flaxseed toast and eggs with yogurtpepperjackcheese and greenonions. And then played my itunes and sat on the couch reading about young flavia solving the murder of a mysterious redhaired man.

I believe i was having a moment, despite being confused that after 2 pears, and more tea, and the hour being 2ish I wasn't hungry for lunch yet. Pears, which I've ignored for years have suddenly become my thing, having rediscovered their perfectness when in season, a rosy glow on their oddly shaped green skin. Can't beat it. Sweet and lovely. But a bad pear is a terrible thing. So i can see why i broke up with them and ignored them for at least a decade. But for now I'm back in love. Guavas and persimmons are still curious but not catching. And the cats completed the picture, curled to my left, camped to my right and warming my chest. It was hard not to doze back off even though I'd already been up a few hours... the head was dipping a bit though.

And then I heard the screen door, and thought, please be today. And you know what, it was! There was THEE envelope. 9wks awaiting. I sluiced open the envelope and rather anticlimactically gazed upon the "no arrest record"- I immediately felt an inward lurch of wrongness- there was a name but not a "signature", the official watermarked highwhite paper but no as requested for apostille "seal"... I thought, fuck. I went to scan it in. Which was oddly easy given all my dads networking shenanigans and sent it off to be confirmed if i was crazy to both the canadian recruiter and the FBI liaisons...Damned Saturday. I then madly searched forums with an internal tremor and a, I'm so pissed at my lips... innately feeling that this rage was somewhere even if i couldn't quite find it, muster it really- it was missing. Just a, hmmph. The forums actually after the caddy back and forth of some finally cleared the way to tell me there was hope- i could probably bypass it, or if at worse send it back and wait a few more weeks. Gasp. If i have to. There are benefits I suppose to living in LA and I'd like to claim them especially if i have to pay $20 per document. But either way nonsense. Nonsense to be dealt with when i see a notary on Tuesday for my BA and hopefully hear back from the recruiter. Nevertheless there was an equally incessant but not actualized happydance happening in my head about pulling the trigger. And it's close.

Having done what I could I strangely went on with the rest of my day- I delayed lunch, with a bowl of chips as i went to help Amber hand out pies. It all seemed rather unnecessary but I think she was glad of my company though I have now shortshrifted callie. Sorry Callie! But amber has darkdays. I wrote it down. I've got to be careful... Anyway, I had to hear funnily enough a senior complain about trying to return her pie to costco. $6. Seriously. She didn't want it I guess? I ponder if they actually let her. It didn't have a label but still... off she went and amber i were both like, "i don't like her attitude." And amber said, I deal with things like that everyday. Godbless you. Because those seniors would be getting a talk to. I unfortunately have none of that generational respect when it comes to nonsense.

I mean obviously in korea it will be completely different but for now. No.

Anyway, that's it. Tomorrow is church. There was this '5 favorite things' party, and yes i could bring flowers, but... i don't know. We'll see what's blooming. Or not. I might just be anti-social. I'm bordering on uninspired even though -- i don't know. I may cave to the pressure. Danica and aut can be relentless when they think i should do something. And they're right i know. I could even bring pressed seaweed. It's like free advertising right? Hummm. And i get to take home loot? ach.

Oh and apparently after at least 13 years i bought a different kind of monthly calendar. It's smaller. Cheaper. I wonder. It might not work. What if I'm in korea. Well anyway. Ok. I'll stop. It's the tea i think. I might have to read more before i slip on over to the otherside. Who knows what sort of dayplanner i might need... i can't decide.



pen said...

so does the tea have caffeine?

i want to know if you went to the party and if so, i want pictures.

Bruckner said...

The town drunk is making his blog rounds.

I can't recall how many of the things have ended up on my itunes (it's all a blurry haze), so I can completely relate to the beginning of this post (way to connect with your audience!).

I must have missed that blustery storm, Dorothy. I'm by no means a psychotherapist, but window-rattling delusions may be cause for concern (and medication).

What an eventful Saturday. I like the idea of you becoming that lady who walks around with her pressed seaweed. I was going to get an iguana.