Friday, November 18, 2011

an unfinished letter pen,

was it because we met in chicago?
i mean just this last february and not back in 2000.
pilot mtn and stvd rock...
aka turn of the century.
that we failed to inform each other of our camping
and our family drama
or complained much of friends and frenemies.
or that we had gotten so used to some things never changing
we realized there were suddenly things actually changing?
there are your children which always change and yet remain the same.
and we have not spoken of those.
and me and my not changing yet drastically so.
on the precipice.
and your hair and my bank account.
what else. when the ---- lifts we've got to see where the holes are.

- mariokart (add our number)
-chocolate covered honeycomb
-3 necklaces
-the exodus from LA
-not exercising
-the organized file
-salt baths
-not dyeing the hair
-koren dramas
-learning korean
-how am i going to teach?
-twist andshooting stars
-must spay/reluctant surgery
-indie rock and college radio
-400 photographs, 3 years
-not packing
-quilt finishing

1 comment:

pen said...

i feel like i know some or even most of the list but not all of it? and i feel like our lives are entwined in more of a daily way at this point somehow. which i love. we just tend to skip some of the details. which is ridiculous. but then there are things you know that no one else does. and you've totally been there through every step of the hair drama. i knew practically the exact moment you got your passport and then you even read me all the quotes. which was awesome.

the letter will always be unfinished but not for a lack of any love or tending - only because there is and will always be so much to say.