Thursday, December 1, 2011

For Your Review, novenelope,

at first, i was resistant to this- hoighty LA store for some hoighty now appearing from NY to LA glass company that kerry just had had to go to. i have to say the smile booth made it for me, oh and the free mimosas. i was dressed like a complete slob- because i was finally helping kerry sort her apartment [a year later iou]. she did not inform me of the small intimacy of the opening or all the fashionistas there. i stealed myself, my stained sweatshirt, and my hairy legs to suck it up and toss it all down. i have to say this was our 4th attempt. we rocked it and the 3rd one too but that digital copy got eaten. 
i mean, if i wore glasses...

smiling kitty crocodile.

the things you do for friends really. amber had all these pies she needed to hand out to seniors- costco run and then there they came off the bus. we found out that they found out where we got them and one lady who looked well like she could afford to waste or eat or give away pie went to try and take hers back to costco. all $6 of it? we refused to give her a label and concluded "we just didn't like her attitude"... i swear i'll respect my elders in korea.


hour and a half at the county clerks office. way to go van nuys. mostly nice people though but no visa? really? and a $1.75 charge fee. could you just say next time- cash only? ps. with only 12 people ahead of me this thing was going like molasses on a winters day.

i am the lion. BE THE LION.
[at the ronald reagan state dept bldg]

mmm organization.

cath says i'm so 80's right here.

what i've been having for breakfast lately.

and some other indulgences.

pre holiday wander with matt, who, though he lived in LA and was maybe 5 minutes from this exact spot, had no idea it was here. oh, hidden LA, you slay me. also this is our "river"... quite a lot of bird life actually.

on the day of, my uncle tries to explain to me how expensive a turkey dinner in 1931 was in silver $1.25. Compared to the cost of it today $25. He started talking about financial things and the gold standard, and then my eyes glazed over. [yes he does carry those things in his wallet as a reminder].

he got me back with this. honey is magical. has healing properties and is apparently highly nuanced. super tasty. of course they lost me again when they started talking about surface tension in boiling water from a microwave.

and this is me leaving the gated community. they're house is in the middle. the community arcs around in a bowl basically. something was suppose to be built in the middle here but wasn't... also i had to slow down bcs of the constantly freshly resurfaced speed bumps... and of course throw my printed guest pass away.

and yes, inexplicably... midnight sale... me and the two contrasting aries types.

their hair got melted in the attic...

and of course this photo is moms. she loves persimmins and apparently weird faces that appear after you're done eating them. no i'm melting.... [note also the bucket of shells i've saved, and no didn't part with- who knows what i managed to get rid of if it wasn't this. but they look so pretty in their glass jars now].

anyway, hope you enjoyed. all and all based on these it was a pretty decent november. no plagues. still direly broke. still with the anxiety and purposeless pacing and money borrowing and the physical listlessness but otherwise- yah, decent. ok, shrug, yah. what else yah got?
** oh yes AND i did get the gold starbucks card. ah yah, bright spot.


pen said...

i adore this post.

almost anonymous said...

Hot enough to melt doll hair. Whew.

somebody's mom said...

I especially love my creepy persimmon photo and the pear. The Pear! It looks as big as the Montana sky.