Saturday, February 25, 2012


hello from afar- still have failed in the PO department so these electronic bits willhave to do for now. It's a mellow day. Stayed up late last night and drank ricewine with J- talked about love, and our destinies for the year which for me obviously include steep adjustment curves and saving money? i hope. Then woke at a reasonable time reluctantly and started watching tv and downloading things. i really should see what's on cable but i'm caught up in the world that mr.waffles opens to me. I eventually made it outside- windy/cold- check. Walked along the beach at hightide, found my first seaweed, lots of debris for some reason, which i only think now i should've picked up had i the inclination, and a short bamboo staff which is now at home with me, awaiting inspiration. I segwayed to the lighthouse and had fish and chips and a piece of bread. I know. I'm living on the edge over here now that my pants are looser. My stomach isn't super settled about it- but that could be the coffee too. But i decided to allow myself to have it. I know, what's happening to me.

Anyway the day is calm and J wanted to see if i was down for a movie, but so far i'm still roaming around in my head and online... yesterday i ran out of things to do with the 2 kids- the one who sleeps and the one who is slow but it didn't do my head in like it did last time, and i might as well pause here and then tell you about the trip to the vet later.

i'm back. so stressful. man i have latent vet trauma. my whole being is just like OMG NO. and i know the cat isn't dying and is probably totally fine and it's all going to be ok...and the vet is young and has very kind eyes, and a very pracitcal and complete approach to informing people of what the deal is- the kitten is 2yrs old and yes, a girl. and is malnurished and has some random skin disease from being all malnurished and what not and has probably been surviving on her own for more than a few weeks. And here's this shampoo that costs $40. the hell. And i ask about spaying and the word translation is a bit rough but she gets my meaning and says, but if you don't keep her then that's their choice/problem... i said, yah, true. But she didn't even bring it up with the vet. She says, but probably not pregnant now because of being so malnurished-- hmm. hope so. Then K says, what's her name- and then we start talking about how northern wind has a bad association, which i knew but that was the wind she came in on, and she suggests the name han-nee, like honey but different. And then in the car, she says that I should keep the cat, that it's a blessing and that it chose me. Not obviously in those blunt staccato sentences but that's the sum of it. Ach. Sigh. And she further says without even prompting that when I leave she'll help me with all the vaccinations necessary and to not worry about it.... like it's already done. I don't know.

I came home and fed the cat, said hi to J, who brought me down a glass of wine and i had leftovers. So there we go... there it is. 8-8.


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Daniel Bruckner said...

Is there anything more fulfilling besides staying up all night drinking wine and discussing love? I think not! My envy for you overtakes me once more!!!