Thursday, March 1, 2012


Everything’s been a jumble in my mind, so here are lists ~

good things in March

  • birthday!
  • garden creation!
  • green beer!
  • possible camping?
  • road trip!
  • to Athens!
  • to see Ash and Andi!
  • and The Head and the Heart!
  • and The Hunger Games!
  • and let’s not forget spring
  • and the fact that February is OVER.

vexing things

  • the magnetic primer paint, which was expensive, oil-based, toxin-filled, messy, ugly, reeking, and did not even work
  • it’s taking too long to read my book really
  • I haven’t done anything to prepare for that upcoming consignment sale and see it sailing on by
  • tax return errors
  • my entire relationship with writing
  • necessary appointments for tax return amendments
  • children that say whinily, “I don’t want to plaaaaaay.”
  • Parenthood is over for the season already
  • how does that guy on Survivor keep his hair all spiky without product
  • two new game apps: scramble with friends and word whirl – one I can’t ever win and the other I spend too much time on
  • am too easily derailed away from a life with comfortable margins
  • it takes very much energy to keep up with two kids, two dogs and a husband and sometimes I do not have said energy. and then things crumble. and then I feel even more derailed.
  • I don’t understand “consistent” personalities. I am moody and fiery and then calm and really anything but. as far as consistency.

things I like

  • budding trees
  • emerging tulip magnolias
  • coffee, lots of it
  • texas pete and other spicy condiments
  • an evening glass of wine like the girls drink on Mike & Molly (full. very full.)
  • the multigrain bagel at starbucks, warmed and with cream cheese
  • lenten reading plan
  • hiking
  • strawberries that look fresh, not old. that’s nice.
  • ANTM British Invasion ~ #anglophile
  • Muppets.

disheartening things.

  • FB threads detailing car accidents, death of a long-ago friend’s child, and the ensuing drama over who is at fault. gutwrenching, all of it.

things I am proud of

  • less than 2 skeins to go on the 2006 Afghan
  • not actually losing my shit about the magnet paint, in spite of aforementioned loathing
  • the yellow paint over the horrible/nonfunctioning magnet wall
  • my idea for a magnet white board w/ black frame instead
  • my children singing, playing, participating and more with no reservations, at church
  • k.lo for being k.lo and the recent school feedback that says “a joy to teach,” “enthusiastic learner” and “top of her class”
  • sticking to budgets/shopping lists
  • perhaps I’ll also learn to knit.




somebody's mom said...

Garden! What's on the list to plant? grrr to the vexing and rah! to yellow replacing the flop.

almost anonymous said...

Lame-o paint makes me sad.