Friday, February 17, 2012

It's 25 degrees out,

and the wind is whipping over the waters. I finished watching my drama. Sobbing a 1/2 hour before work- the ending killed me. It was a massacre- the person you think will die does, then they all do. I mean mostly. Literally. I couldn't believe it. It seemed a little unfair. Like they were just going for it and sparing no one. I thought, is this going to kill my mood at work? I hope not. It didn't, you'll be happy to know. There was one moment in the office when i walked in and I could tell the atmosphere was tense. It's only going to get worse here on out. And then i thought- what happens when it gets aimed back at me? I don't know. I'll talk about that later. And the whole new schedule begins.

Also, and iknow you and i- same/same on this, but you are by no means boring. To yourself, ok, i get that. But to us, no, not ever. All of these things that are happening to you "we" care about.Very much. LIke for instance- what do you mean your house hasn't closed yet? And then i think oh right they were renting and then... wait, lost the time line, recap necessary, etc. and the whole pig thing right? Wait, what!? Pigs? When? I mean seriously. And did i really ever get a descrip on the crazy neighbor? I remember the one story i think and then her husband right... but poison? I mean there are huge gaps here. Let alone not really posting about nlo and klo. I mean this whole motherhood thing- what is that about exactly. Though i know it is all about us. So i get it. Anyway so many questions. i would ask more but i swear my building is about to break off into the sea. Oh and idiot abroad. You have to download a thing and go to this other thing to get it. So yes. I think it is on the science channel- division of discovery? I think? I dont know. Sigh. Too much right? Ach. Amber tried to and i forgot i shouldve walked her through it way more thoroughly now that i'm all been there/learned that. Oh and did i mention i'm now freewheeling my internet safety with avg freedownload. My uncle swears by it so we'll see. What else- oh yes, how do you make a wireless connection secure? Can you ask someone? Do you know? Help me.

All right i've got to figure out what to do now that my drama is over. I just don't know. Stare into space maybe or go to bed early?


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