Saturday, February 4, 2012

they are sucking me dry.

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true this very instant, but this week – I had some moments. Like after tending to the sickies for a few days, and then it all seemed to go away and I breathed a sigh of relief. Ah. I made it through without (fully) losing my mind. Now on to birthday preparations, go go! But no, K.Lo was sick, again. But then it was just fallout from her meds, as noted specifically on the side of the bottle. So on to school she went and the world was righted again.

But don’t think I didn’t feel Very Sorry for Myself. I did. I still kind of do. Because these creatures are so very draining. Need need need all the time and then some. All three of them. And then the dog (the one who is nuts) does something completely unacceptable like bite J.Lo, enough to bruise and break the skin. It was while he was testing out K.Lo’s new scooter, and the kids were chasing, giggling and screaming, and who knows what was going on in the Bender’s mind – fun, protectiveness? Idiocy? But now there’s the question landing in my lap of what to do. Sometimes I really hate those questions. The ones you don’t ask for.

Anyway anyway. Even though I’m completely useless tonight and the same last night, I’m not discontent. Lovely celebration of 6 for the little bug. Stayed awake during the latest installment of ProRun. (But not Grey’s, whose ridiculous premise exhausted me after 5 minutes.) Succeeded in cake-baking, with the assistance of new pans, colors and an icing spatula received Christmas. They all work delightfully. And the thieved items from Walmart were flower picks, which I used to hold my Tinkerbell decorations, which I cut from a birthday card.


Church tomorrow. (Will we – you and me – finish our book?) Even though I hate the first Sunday of the month because of the awkward grape juice thimbles. Ugh. I can’t even talk about it at the moment. There is a series of three Newcomers’ Classes, and tomorrow is the first. Which I’m gathering are sort of lectures…? possibly boring? But I’m game.

Sometimes, on the third hand, I feel like very quickly it all becomes toomuchtoask. Like yes, classes. Yes, reception to be received into the church. Yes yes. Wednesday night dinners/fellowship/play practice for kids. Okay. Relay for Life in May? Umm. And related fundraiser Shrove Tuesday WHO’S COMING! WHO’S VOLUNTEERING! Oh and unrelated to church the local kids’ consignment sale that I bank on to get rid of all of our outgrown things? Signup was like 3 weeks ago. Apparently. And the sale is in a month. And I realized at the last sale that I need to give myself a full month to get all my shit together. So. Um.

No rest for the wicked.

But get well, you. And track that ocean – is it a mendacious mood ring? Or simply a beast/beauty upon which to meditate.



P.S. I was totally that attentive kid/melter-downer in kindergarten. That’s me! Aw. The poor little bean. He’ll be fine so long as you are, as you are, consistently kind.


almost anonymous said...

Nice cake! Impressive :)

Time for a movie/TV zombie night. Again. It's allowed.

m said...

wait all i heard was pro run-- which prompts me to relate that amber gets in IM and ruins who won and lost on this last challenge- ignoring patently the parts where i told her about how i was actually able to aquire them you know- so irritating.

oh little ones. performances 5hours a day 5 days a week for me- not so bad compared to your 24/7.