Saturday, February 18, 2012

photo roundup

new headband, procured on shopping trip with k.lo. makes hair seems slightly more exciting.
whenever i feel like it's too over the top, i think of what the designers wear on prorun,
and suddenly it's underplayed again.
headband close-up, taken just for you - i knew you'd request it.  "more details, penelope! i can't see it all!" 
cath said i had to read this. so after finishing beautiful chaos, i procured it from the library.
i'm delighted to see she's joined goodreads, although amused to see how different our tastes are sometimes.
 i loathed heart of darkness; she gave it five stars. i said i sort of hated history of love;
she said there must be something wrong with me.
i heart cathy. 
k.lo's been on a "let's dye stuff!" kick. "let's do science!" so i suggested the celery experiment.
this (and headbands) are how we pass the time on her random days off.
in between her chatting too much and me saying, "ugh! be quiet for a minute please!"


almost anonymous said...

I read that book :) Took me a few tries to get into it, and I haven't made it into/through the sequel. All that isn't to say I didn't like it. (And I do like the author's blog.)

Andi said...

oh wow, hi. been a loooong time for me. sorry.
I LOVE the headband. I mean, LOVE, LOVE!! It looks fabulous on you and I'm so very PROUD of you for wearing it!