Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Another penelope rundown. Most likely Very Boring.

  • We are, for this moment in time, well. I mean, other than J.Lo pulling out his back again yesterday. But it only hurts when he breathes.
  • Allegedly we are in the home stretch for closing on this house? I don’t know. It’s what they tell me. I’m just here to watch the various parade of inspectors do what they do.
  • Cheesecake sampler purchased for V-Day at Aldi: yum.
  • Children: going away this weekend. Sandwiched in between 3 days off for K.Lo, in which she will surely drive me insane.
  • K.Lo is now The Grumpy One. She and N.Lo passed the baton of good/bad cheer.
  • Can’t find: free, fairly accessible stream of Idiot Abroad. Will keep looking.
  • Our book: still unlistened to. Do we have 3 chapters left? or so?
  • Need: reading deadline.
  • Walking: better than the basement elliptical.
  • Elliptical: not terrible…doable. Necessary.
  • Mice: two. Gone.
  • Downton: one more episode before season 2 ends! Nooooooo.
  • Book Club meeting: this coming Friday. Book: hate. Food & company: love.
  • Churches to be officially joined on Sunday: one. I have mixed feelings on becoming an official Methodist rather than remaining Episcopalian but whatever. It’s mostly fine. It’s where we’re supposed to be.
  • Unexpected part of the process: pastor home visit. Geez. Way to take a girl off guard.
  • Small-town neighbors: nutty.
  • Pigs: gone.
  • Why? Because the pigs’ owners suspected the hag-next-door would poison them in the night. Seems a little dramatic? But honestly wouldn’t put it past her.
  • Planned camping trip: yes. Memorial Day weekend. Same place.
  • Bedroom furniture: rearranged.
  • V-Day flowers, cards, candy: yes. Lots of them. Pilfered/became reacquainted with pop rocks. From K.Lo’s stash.
  • Latest YA book with supernatural themes: overdue. But almost done. Almost.
  • Tonight: taco, etc., night at church. Should I fear the etc.? Hmm.
  • And what do you mean: dog farm. Ew. Agh. No. Sigh.



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somebody's mom said...

Ouch, I hope J Lo's back heals quickly. Rah to closing on the house and it's good that the pigs are gone. The pigs on Shawn the Sheep are very cute, but they well can be troublesome.