Sunday, February 5, 2012


Holy shit about bender- I totally get where you're going with that. Zep was a host of nerousis too. You have to maybe get with the dog whisperer on this one- I don't know. When zep growled at me once i picked her up by the scruff of her neck and chucked her outside. I'm not quite certain with what to do in your case as i'm sure bender is like my cat marley- with the hurt/bad hips- they're already set to agitation level high... downers maybe? Fuck though. I guess though boundaries, decreased stimulation, not setting up bender for failure in stressful situations because she can only be and do what she does, not more, and this worked with zep, not trying to pet them or comfort them when they're freaking out- that actually just reinforces that they feel they should be freaking out- hence me coming back from chi with an agoraphobic dog- mom will totally vouch for this one. But ick man. Straight to my heart.

Otherwise i've had a terrifically shitty day, mostly centering around deleting all my music files in a haze of stupidity and flu this am. really need to figure out that file share thing. capped off with trying to get sushi and it taking an hour, ending with soggy rice and too spicey chicken tonight. But whatever i'm sure tomorrow will be fine. And yes, we can get back to the book. Can we say end of week though? I think mentally. I understand about all the tasking the church can impose- it's all about asking Jesus where he wants you, where your gifts are so that you can focus your energies there otherwise it's all too much right? i hope that's not a kiss off but really- good boundaries, focused martialled whatever-

Also really the color of that frosting is delightful... makes me wish i could a. find butter. I'm sure it's somewhere in some container that i cant recognize and b. syrup maybe... i don't know. I should start a list. There will be a long list- oh also, yes, brooms are easy to find- cheap plastic things- but i'm almost out of money. It's like food, or the power strip, food or the broom, food or the trashcan. Fuckitright? Because then it will be food or bus tickets etc- it's not going to get that bad. I get paid a little something on the 10th i hope??? I'm not sure when they start or end the cycle. I get reimbursed in 2wks maybe- mom is helping with bills but still- yikes. It all adds up- detergent, toilet brushes, fuckinghangers, closet shelves... blah.

alright ive got to spread myself out.
love- m.

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