Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dear sunshine,

hello love. i survived the first day. the first class. phew. was fairly calm if not internally what the crap. as SG took pity on me and sent her student helper down to help me take on 11. ELEVEN. kids. some of the kids are pretty on it. others are just staring at you like, yah whatever... and everyone in btw. oh and that one kid who broke down crying inconsolibly- thank god for songin to comfort him or whatever. it was somewhere in the drawing portion that he just couldn't take it anymore. and he seemed at first to be one of the most attentive. i dont know what happened. alas. and SG kept saying how she had seriously considered letting me take her classes today. she wasn't joking. and i'm thinking after having stared at a grammer lesson on something or other i was thinking- riiiighhht. and i can't even say their names let alone remember any of them but min je? and su jin? anyway i'm home and cooking rice and beef bits for dinner tomorrow. i sort of hate having to make pre-leftovers. and i am suspicious of having caught something- the office is crawling in contagion. not that you can sympathize or anything i'm sure. but i keep doing that little oh, surface cough cough. sniff.

also seriously some freakish wind thing came pounding down on my apt last night and i was thinking what can i tie down? nothing but to latch the windows which felt ineffectual. i contemplate your eating muppets comment- and i promise to be better at food documenting soon and i'm horrible at flavor descriptions but i'll try- mmm. muppets. tasty morsel muppets.i had some interesting such thing yesterday. a vegetarian bibimbop... mostly bland but a really excellent soup with tofu? and maybe clam? a good clear spicey broth. . .maybe a type of miso soup, something something. anyway working on it. meanwhile i just burnt my rice bcs i didnt turn the flame down. lame. and the wind is surging through the flu?fluke?flue... of the stove and making noise.

do i stay up another hour or go to bed now... decisions decisions. i have two classes tomorrow. and SG wants to come help me learn how to communicate with the kiddos. ach. was going to do yoga but i think not.


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somebody's mom said...

High praise to have SG want to give you her classe. Yes? I've been so eager to hear how it went. And here you are into day two of teaching before I even read about the first day. Rah.