Tuesday, January 31, 2012

hello from sickland,

I’ll spare you the gory details, but K.Lo had strep Sunday/Monday, and N.Lo was up all.night.long. with a stomach bug last night. Worst nightmare. Luckily the universe allowed a nap for both of us this morning. I am however getting a little tired of the couch and aspire to sleep in myownbed tonight. Also, if you’re listening universe, and I know you do, even if you don’t always answer prayers like a genie-in-a-bottle (as you shouldn’t), it would be super rad if Management avoided same-sickness this week. Any form. Please.

Did you come up with an icebreaker activity for the littles? Favorite color game? Is who stole the cookie from the cookie jar too complicated? Probably. But maybe further down the road. Ring around the rosy? Hokey-pokey? Um, so how on earth do you explain things to them? Just wondering. I do love your k-in-k blog post, it rocks.

My hair continues to be stupid, although I wasn’t entirely displeased with a recent hair-falling-in-my-eyes moment. because that means it’s long enough to fall in my eyes.

I’ve caught up on Downton Abbey and now have to wait/watch each episode every week like a commoner.

I completely advocate the procurement of shows like ProRun in Korea by whatever means possible.

Some of the food you’ve eaten/logged sounds like Muppets. I hope you’re not eating Muppets.

I love that you brought your yellow umbrella. and sheer curtains for your room.

Am inexplicably craving Nutella/PB sandwiches. Although the iron content isn’t entirely shabby with this combo, so maybe that’s why. or maybe it’s because they’re awesome.

I saw an article about amazonian mushrooms that eat plastic! in an anaerobic environment! this excites me.



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erin j said...

nutella and pb are amazing! and also they both rock in smoothies, makes them taste more like milkshakes. also, mushrooms that eat plastic, thank god i'm very allergic to all mushrooms... next it would be flesh! ;)