Monday, January 31, 2011


Enclosed please find photographs for what turned out (according to the pictures) a very strange and winsome January. With each photo see explanation. I am loathe to analyze what such pictures might say in total as with the blog for instance one can only wonder what one gathers about the two of us. Though only brave and determined voyeurs, moms and best of friends read such a thing as letters back and forth between friends.

And unless otherwise noted there was a trip to Gardens of the World which was really quite ordinary but nice, some thorne/danica outings, walks, laying out, walks through the church basement, and of course camping, and camping while sick is just awful, though mom persists she had a good time despite my dead weight. both financial and otherwise.

Note that Marley is actually tucked into my sweatshirt. I am convinced he would rest quite well in a baby sling.

joanna sent me a christian calendar in which to mark my days, and following is my lions share of the holy day collection.

here we are finally covering the dumpster up in the lot next door to church. the morning glories are actually not at all visually assulting as i previously had feared. carole is the awesome greenteam director.

these are a couple of pictionary attempts: firing squad and moustache.

oh and do note the friendly old man in my ceiling.

after this we finally got some safe traps so that we can release them into the garden. 3 survived marley and it seems we've gotten them all.


almost anonymous said...

Coots have fun feet.

Andria said...

good start to the year, it seems.
not to disturb your friendly old man image, but I see more of Casper or Don'tWorryBeHappy or WalmartSmileyFace.

Andria said...

also, I was impressed with your pictionary sketching skills. I LOVE the game, but definitely have lots of scribble. thankfully, my sister and I are good at deciphering each other's scribble and love to play together against others.