Monday, January 17, 2011


Howdy-doo. I hope your weekend was full of fabulousness. Mine included lobster ravioli, also referred to as “circus ravioli” due to its audacious red stripes, and a super-awesome roast made with brown sugar and garlic and coke. Yes really. So it wasn’t all bad. Also, it was our second Saturday Swim, which is obviously going to become a thing. And I like it. I *might* try a weeknight class in le pool – power walking? Does that sound weird? I think I have to peek through the window on that one first.

Episcopalian church #2 is nay. It’s another old church with a ton of history and is just – small. Which is simultaneously part of its magic and its downfall. Because while I like the small-chapel feeling of it and even the entrance doors, like you’re stepping straight into 1890 or 1903, it is, on the other hand, too small. Not enough people, and no young people, period. They run Sunday school if and when they have 2 or more students present to enroll? Which at this point they do not. Also, biggest fail, the incense made my nose burn and my stomach turn. Or possibly it was the guy-who-sat-next-to-me’s cologne. I’m not normally averse to church incense, so who knows. It just wasn’t it, this week.

So maybe next week I’ll try on the Methodists for size. Whatevs.

My house here is super-clean. My house there? Apparently not so clean. I want to go there immediately and finish what I wasn’t able to finish due to being sick-like-death on Moving Day. I want to make sure everything is as spiffy and sparkly as possible for a not-lived-in, windows-closed house.

I’m a little frustrated about that.

To do: Find another rare writing job that suits me perfectly and doesn’t care where I live. Find a new realtor. (Phooey on the old one.) Plan another cheap thing or two to do while in Chi. Catch up every single email written to me over the past week or so. Plan K.Lo’s birthday day-of and weekend. (Will Tangled still be playing?) Research 3 parenting articles. Research parks and hiking trails to visit in Spring. Dream more about spring. Dream without too many expectations but rather openness, if that’s possible. Continue to unpack. Continue reading House of Night series until it runs out. Choose paint colors for kitchen and play room. Execute K.Lo’s birthday present, somehow, at night. And other things. I don’t know what yet.

love to you and you and you…



somebody's mom said...

It takes time to settle in.

I suggest crayon box colors in the playroom with a swath of "chalkboard" paint at present eye level and magical day glow decorations. Or, silhouettes of the children and parents on one of the walls in colors that are just barely different. images could be action or resting.

pen said...

LOVE these ideas.