Tuesday, January 18, 2011


there's a santa type face in my bedroom ceiling. he's quite lovely. big round cheeks. flowing beard. kindly eyes. you may yet find a pattern to call familiar. so obviously wall gazing is totally acceptable.

today is uncertain. its warm out. there's a light breeze. in all respects what seems to be lovely. but i am leary about doing anything about it. if i were anything today maybe i would be molten red glass with a hint of orange. not sure what's forming. just a close up of its almost transluscent almost opaqueness. the sleeping and waking are reluctance, maybe resents being moved, fatigue. its in an almost liquid state. best let it be...

maybe i'll read.
a firewithin.

i think you should go to the methodist place. godlyplay is a good sign. though liturgy will be missed. which i realize just now i keep misspelling- litergy litirgy. poor neglected u. but maybe you'll be able to fill that in another way. or be a voice for it there. bring it in. usher in the celebration of the holy days and all the rest. we can give you books over here and calendars.

my love,

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