Sunday, January 2, 2011

we are bursting forth from the stars,

It seems like an epic way to begin the New Year, full of promise and foreshadow. Yay, 2011 and yay, us! And I adore the hanging pictures on the wall.

I went to le New Church today. By myself to scope, and it was a good day to do so, as there was no Sunday school, and sitting through an extra-long service with the children would have been murder. I’m just saying. Structurally, New Church is much, much more traditional than Old Church. But in a cool way, because the building is actually from the 1880s and is part of the local Civil War tour. All its windows are tall and stained glass, each donated by a particular family. The one I sat near today was sponsored in like, 1914 or something. I’ve always been kind of enamored with stained glass, had a brief affair with it in Europe, circa 1999. So it speaks to me. The ceiling is high and rounded and comes to a point, and it’s completely covered in rich, dark wood. The altar is all ornate, lots of gilded-ness that reminds me of Catholic-churchgoing in Upstate NY. The music’s lovely. There’s a choir – or are there 2 choirs, or 3? I think there might be 3. Two children’s choirs and an adult choir? Or something? And then there is the hand-bell choir. And the organist. And a guy soloist who sang this traditional Irish carol that was amazing. The service was unusually long today for post-Christmas, and instead of a sermon, the rector decided to sing instead. With the help of a harmonica. It was a song he learned in his childhood, and in fact I learned it in my childhood as well and hadn’t heard it since. So that was completely rad.

We’ll go back next Sunday and see what happens next.

Finally today I was able to use my Old Navy gift card today and found some things, the best of which were a pair of brown pants and a shirt that says, “I heart Jake Ryan.” From Sixteen Candles, in case we need an 80s fare refresher. I could not resist. Also acquired was a flowery skirt for the spring, a gray/slightly dressy sweater, a black/slightly dressy shirt, new yoga pants and new yoga (sherpa-lined!) hoodie. Hooray!

The grocery store situation remains grim. I don’t think I can shop at the store that happens to be the closest anymore. Experienced this odd undercurrent of hostility today? that I didn’t love and immediately went home to map out grocery stores in the other direction. Tomorrow we’ll venture that way and see how far it is. Also on tap: setting up propane fill service (is it scandalous? the fireplace is most excellent really) and a trip to one of the libraries. Because we’re totally going to visit them all, you know.

And I made 7-Layer Magic Cookie Bars today as well, mmmmm. And gave half to our neighbors to say Happy New Year’s/Thanks for Being So Awesome and Randomly Bringing by a Present Each for My Children a Few Days After Christmas. Because how sweet is that.

Um, also… we have to get the rest of our stuff in ILM? And J.Lo’s proposed that we take a single day to do it, but this concept gives me the vapors. Either it’s too soon, or the idea is insane. Or both. Because 3 1/2 hours each way, with some heavy lifting and cleaning in-between? I just. Can’t. Go? There?


So much so that I’ve considered leaving said items behind forever. But then, no – no. We must go get everything. The lawnmower and the desk and the wagon and the Barbie Jeep. And the basketball hoops and our camping equipment and bikes. Honestly. Just maybe – another day. Or another way. Or both.

I did end up watching Dick Clark on TV, because let’s face it, that station’s broadcast was the best, by which I mean the least intolerable. Where else could one mock Ke$ha and awaken one’s inner 6th-grader with NKOTB. And for whatever reason this year I found D.C. less depressing than I did sort of uplifting? Well regardless I just want to give the man a hug.

Now that we have two functional vehicles again, I suppose the possibilities this week are endless. We’ll have to de-Christmas and clean the fish tank, but venturing out – library! Have I mentioned the library? And maybe even a gym? Maybe. I just can’t decide.

I’m so jealous of your Clue-playing, although obviously I was there in spirit, insisting that it was in fact Stanley with the pretzel in the Break Room. Clearly. Or was it Michael in Accounting with the George Foreman Grill?

love to you my shining star -

we rule


somebody's mom said...

clearly, an overnight to the vacated house will be more logical than trying to do it in one day.

I just bet that at least one of the libraries in town will have wonderful old books and will smell like the library that I went to when I was little.

almost anonymous said...

I second the camping in the old house for a night. You know that's what will make it sell really fast, is if you plan your trip around staying there over night. If not, you still win.

Your town can't be too podunk if you've got multiple libraries. I think it's a must-have for me unless I end up with a calling to a third world country or something. All those lovely books (and DVDs) for free!

I did return one slightly warped today, since my water bottle leaked all over during my plane ride north. The pressure or something. First and last long trip that bottle had. In any case, they didn't seem to notice when I returned it. Thank goodness for the skyscraper stacks of children's books they were dealing with at the same time.

ashley said...

I love that you went to an old church - there's something lovely about a place worn in by so many years of so many prayers. Revelers and mourners gathered with the Holy Spirit...I don't know. It just seems like places like that have their own sort of faith patina on them.

Speaking of patinas, I love the new one on the blog!

Andria said...

faith patina! ok, wow, Ash, you're really in stride lately. I come to comment on Pen&M and end up commenting on your comment?!

anyhoo. . LOVE the stars header picture and the backgroun. . even though I still have to read posts through my email since I can't read them here. hee.

It all sounds so new and exciting and while tiring to have to find all these new places, it's also refreshing with new discoveries!

love old churches and stain glass, too. There's clearly so much to look at!

Hope all the shiny newness gets that comfortable, used sheen soon.