Thursday, January 6, 2011

we are leaping forth into the great unknown,

So… I quit my job? Yeah. For good this time. Although let’s be honest, we all knew it was a long time coming. You can’t just suck away all the soul from a job and expect me to be okay with it. Although where I go from here, Idontknow. I just know it will not be the armchair version of a door-to-door petition collector. Ew.

I’m still vaguely traumatized by the fluorescent-lit yoga of yesterday eve. I mean it’s just wrong on so many levels. So I don’t know if I can go back? It’s at the Y, so maybe the poor dears simply don’t know any better? Everyone knows you’re supposed to do yoga with the lights off. I foresee myself sticking to the pool, cardio equip and possibly the outdoor track. Because ugh, drop ceiling fluorescent yoga. That’s just not okay.

And the effin’ townies, man. Why must they be so dementor-like with their disparaging comments about the sticks? I like the sticks. I mean literally, I like seeing the trees outside my window and the quietude of our little neighborhood. So anyway I guess I’ll just have to carry a bar of chocolate and my Patronus with me at all time, and tell them I have a house to sell them in Wilmington if they want to move there so badly.

I’m occupying myself with the curtain-y fairy hideout for the play room, and it’s sort of awesome so far? I mean seriously, it cost me less than $6 for the quilting hoop and everything else I already owned. The curtains go perfectly on there. Am adding some ribbons and sparkles and possibly some flowers if I can find them. We’ll see.

And um, for the moment that’s about it. I’m holding out for all other answers to the Big Questions. I assume they’ll drop out of the sky and land on my head at any moment now.

By the way, WE’RE GOING TO CHICAGO. Squee.




Andria said...

I'm sure you know what you want to see/do, but just in case, I thought of you ladies

I'm frustrated just from hearing how many times you've heard negative comments about your new location, so I'm sure it's extra annoying to you to have to endure!

awesome work on the play room decor! awesome, can't wait to see pics! with little smiling faces peeking out.

somebody's mom said...

Good for you quiting a job that was sucking the life from you! Weird about the locals... where is their civic pride? Is there a chamber of commerce or local historical society? Perhaps "the sticks" has the same cache as moving to Lancaster/Palmdale here.
Hurray for the reading curtain/tent! Of course, if such a thing were provided for my children it wouldn't last two minutes because someone would have accidentally sat on the curtain and pulled it out of the ceiling.

ashley said...

I was just telling Mom yesterday that I don't understand why people feel compelled to be negative about things that don't affect them (e.g. me moving into my house). Why the judgment? Why so much haterade? What do you get out of it? If answers to these questions drop out of the sky along with the Big Ones, please share.