Thursday, February 3, 2011


so you've been like totally busy to talk about my weird photos, which i get. i mean you have this thing you created and she's growing and talking and having birthdays and opinions which, is a little freaky. and you're making her cakes with really alluring frosting hair. and i do get to see you in person soon. so we can talk about all the things i ever wanted. i mean i dont know if we've even had a phone call in like a month or more. and you know how i feel about that. but then i should totally just call and harass you. but then i don't. just lots of internal sulking. oh and my eye is totally twitching right now. no idea why.

anyway i've had a pretty mellow day. there was the waking up part, the lying outside in the sun part, the switching out the drying paper for the seaweed part, going to meet grainofsand for lunch- there was a bit of a harrowing stretch as we tried to figure out where to go. the one thing we did agree on was cheap. but she's vegetarian. i'm allergic to wheat. she wants healthy. and i just want a $5 in/out meal. but in the end though i spent more than i wanted $11- she did get healthy and i got a phillycheesesteak and fries thing, though yes i probably should've gotten a salad. and we tried something new. which is a bonus for both of us i think. i'm about to go to SB to meet a fellow prayer council member who thinks i'm a morning person and wanted to know if 8pm was too late. mom laughed. i know. its weird in what contexts people think you are. now granted i do prayer walk at 815am on sunday mornings which is atrociously early. but i think God is telling me to do that otherwise i totally wouldn't. i have a gut reaction against the dawn, unless i've been awake the entire time. because my favorite time is that dark dark blue. it thrills me but anyway. there was that one job though were i was at work at 6am every morning. but that was some alien quest you know? well anyway 8pm is a bit late but thats mostly because i'm anti-social and its treacherously close to friday and i'm missing the office. but off i go to make connections and build things of things. ok there went my alarm. i'll be back.

so she bought me coffee which you know is like a bribe or something, or an arm twist because i was immediately like, aw, ok, we can work it out.

anyway this eyetwitch is driving me nuts. i've got to go.


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