Sunday, January 2, 2011

my dear pendant,

a webcam is going on in the background and my left eye is developing some sort of sympathy twitch to my moms though i'm sure for different reasons. its making focusing on writing you and watching murdershewrote a bit difficult. so i paused it.

we had to get creative with firewood yesterday as you can maybe makeout in the photo. the chopsaw being at the new place. we haven't broken up the furniture yet but are running low on wood supplies. what happened to the days when somebody who knew somebody had a stack and just let you take it? maybe there were never those days. i'm going to try not to think about the fact that fireplaces are now illegal in southern california. just writing that made me a little outraged. i flicked on drudge report and it said "happy new year california enacts 700 something new laws and i had to shut my eyes just like i'm doing right now and click off the page. (luckiluy i can type with my eyes shut).

but nevermind. yesterday was a proper holiday. thanks to amber and sarah who complimented and enabled the feasting. as i got to play clue- as you know, angela in the annex with the rabid bat. and we played video games too and they put up with my gluten free pancakes. but i didn't really think through lunch plans properly. my thoughts just arrived at pancakes and stopped. it happens to the best of us.

and as yesterday was sunny and cold, today was cloudfilled and then rainy. gas is $3.29, but mom is making turkey meatballs so it all evens out. i've decided i don't have to productive for the next 5 or 6 hours until tomorrow anyway. though i did pick last night to pay my car insurance. i don't think the fund transfer will bounce. ;) oh and i have to pick up callie from burbank. i set my alarm and everything.

anyway happy new year you. i'm going to eat dinner and make a list of things about epiphany worth celebrating. which is more my new year then this one. but the happy part still stands.



pen said...

meanwhile, we have a garage so full of cardboard we're considering a fire pit purchase expressly for the purpose of burning it all.

i can't even comment on the fireplace law. just - no.

don't forget callie!

almost anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering me :) I figured the time this flight got in you wouldn't be on a field trip away from your phone anyway.

So fireplaces are illegal? Huh? All? Just wood? Just for new homes, or it's illegal to use the one you already have. Perhaps I'll have to investigate if tomorrow is (hopefully) slow at work.

When I was at my parents' they do have a commercial running about the pollution from wood smoke and how you're killing the children if you have a fire. Or something.

LOVE the new decor. The all caps doesn't even do my love justice ;) I think I spaced and forgot to mention it before, which is almost criminal, really.

There's nothing wrong with having pancakes for breakfast and could do sweet and savory versions.

jenn said...

A crackling fire, pancakes, and Clue sounds so lovely--what a fantastic day!