Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Last night I made one of my somewhat notorious, accidentally way-too-spicy dinners that J.Lo rejected. You’d think I’d learn by now to hold back with the Tony Chachere’s? I used to find the rejection insulting, now I just call him a wuss. Because the jambalaya didn’t actually taste bad. Just a bit, um, warm. Would totally be tolerable with some sour cream on top. If I hadn’t run out.

Related news – I had the great misfortune of slicing my finger yesterday on the box of aluminum foil. Which, ouch. But I’m also eating the aforementioned jambalaya leftovers, and accidentally just licked my finger, and apparently cuts don’t like Tony Chachere, either. Oopsie.

I finally finished Graceling. I wish I could read fast like Cath, who I think secretly holds volumes up to her forehead and absorbs them whole. Although I understand that’s what her brain is wired to do, read voraciously. I perhaps read too ponderingly. Anyway, I almost ran out to procure the second Graceling book from le library, but then I realized that it’s not about the same characters. So, hmm. Will read eventually, but follow-up doesn’t feel as dire. Reading now: The Shack, finishing up Crossed and then somehow or other am supposed to procure and read book club book by 3/16? Um. 

Am totally with you in spirit on your journey. I don’t suppose Korea partakes in the ridiculous institution of Daylight Savings? so on Sunday, we’ll only be 13 hours apart. Until fall. It’s the little things. Anyway, I hope you are learning in increments how to thwart the children’s shenanigans with an inspiring mixture of aplomb, grace and evil mastermindedness. I can only imagine the little emotional roller coasters that they are, and the rides they try to take you on. Settle down, children! and listen to your teacher. Honestly.

I did in fact miss the consignment sale, although in a Herculean organizational effort yesterday, sequestered and sorted the Toy Pile that will be consigned in the fall. It’s possible I’ll even have the wherewithal to price them out over the summer with tags and everything, but then again let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Tonight is another potluck dinner at church and I secretly want to eat all the cookies I made. Would anyone really notice…. couldn’t I just pick up a few dozen donuts and put those out on the table instead? Am just saying.

Related news – I have perhaps been eating too many sweets.

And not exercising enough. Why do we rebel so hard against common sense?

In addition to the flag on the front porch, we have a birdfeeder on the back porch. The kind that thwarts squirrels. So far they seem to not like our kitchen-side observation, but I imagine they’ll soon feel brazen enough.

Today (and this week?) I feel mostly aimless, like I could do xyz123andabc, but can’t decide what to do when and so nothing really gets accomplished without true, concentrated effort. And I only have so much energy for all that…




almost anonymous said...

The completely different characters/kingdom thing could be one reason I have not yet made it into Fire.

We'll have to discuss more when you read it, and you can spoil it for me so I know whether it's worth my read ;)

somebody's mom said...

Think twice about buying Jalapeno Chop bread from "sprouts" OMG. Do potatoes cool the heat also? Amazing how painful a cut can be when you add chile and salt.