Saturday, March 31, 2012

btw the blusters i write you,

good morning love,  (now night)

i hope the honey thing kicks in or that you stop being progressively repressed by the weather. completely unpleasant. i understand the plaintive cry of discomfort. but you are terrific for painting bugs room. i think i had to paint all my own rooms- at least i think from 12 or 13 on. and the room divider i made is kind of a disaster in the sense that it's really just a prototype of something that might one day be really good if i scrap it and do it over. maybe? as it is now it falls short and is mangled but hanging... oh also, love your obsession with jalapeno dip. what can i say. delight. and i know you didn't respond back about me loving the mouse in your car thing but i think it's seriously allegorical or magical or something. i can't quite describe but truly. there's something to it. it's like my meowing neko. she's here. i have her sent by the wind and she's annoying and loud, but i don't know inevitable?

the other night i picked up a bamboo pole which after a bit i realized was a fishing pole. it didn't occur to me to put it down, and that someone might come back for it, the top was a bit damaged so i'm hoping maybe it was abandoned. the better part besides theft (there's some scandal finally) was that it's now thee perfect toy for the ward. who is sadly lacking in stimulation. oh and also out late and drinking (not me) in a small town... which is how i came across it.

in other scandalous news the sheer amount of skin i show is bound to be scandalous. that's all i can give bruckner really. every morning when the sea is calm and the sun is out i race down to the water pull up my pant legs and take off my wrap and bask my bare arms- to the curious glances of every covered head to toe korean who passes and happens to notice me tucked back along the shoreline in a place overcome with volcanic rock and waring crab. so there's that. they changed my schedule too so i have to start getting up earlier so i can bask longer. must align priorities rightly. and getting around to waxing. though i love hair, it is a bit unkempt in all it's various arrangements.

anyway the anxiety is less and my appetite is back- maybe more to say on the other.  i got two killer gift boxes from mom and danica+wendy which leaves me floored with not only the good things but how much i feel the love across the divide. neither tried the korean grocery store which bums me out a bit but honestly i can't knock the awesome. or the luckycharms and loose leaf tea. it's all sitting there in the box just looking lovely. and its miraculous that the last three packages have all come when i'm home. i have the most awesome friends. postcards and boxes and letters from cathy- i never thought it would mean so much. but it really does. must.find.postoffice. i did find the bank! so come monday or next and a good exchange rate and off i go. it hit a high when i was sick. it's taunting me retroactively.

besides that it was a good day- laundry... which wasn't working until i realized i had shut off the water valve. oops. and taking out my recycling which almost blew down the street. my only hope was that the wind was keeping my pants up as i crossed the street. perilously close to a mishap. washed the dishes. tidyed the table. i even went grocery shopping. i bought a $15 scarf- a bit pricey. it's 100% something. silk or polyster- i'm not sure/ or how effective of a belt it'll be but maybe? i felt i had to have something before i bulk purchase a new wardrobe from nordstroms or ask kerry to send me stuff. since i know she will... eventually... i think?

anyway, tomorrow i'm going hiking with the head teacher and her two kids 8months and 2yrs something... interesting yes? i know. let's just leave that dangling.

otherwise danica sent me a book on contemplation- the first sentence filled me up: contemplative prayer is a world in which God can do anything. love.

and love to you across the waters,

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