Monday, March 19, 2012

good morning m ~

It's nearly dinnertime here of course. The loveliest weather ever, as I sit on the back porch and watch the children play on their swingset, which you can see below they do not like at all. 

Still hateyou blogger, for your formatting ridiculousness as I compose another post with no reasonable way to reorder photos and absolutely no margin on the left hand side of the page, which is making me twitchy. 

But here is the weekend recap in pictures. 

K.Lo in her new work space.
It was a long day building that sucker.
J.Lo especially can attest,
but I did assist wherever possible.
Birthday love!
Cards from each employee and Management.
And material/thread for my first sewing project.
Provided I am ever able to properly thread the machine.
Green drinks! St. Patty's eve.
I added green dye to the wine,
which was given to me by my book club friends,
who clearly know the way to my heart.
And J.Lo's beer, which is lamely not green,
but bottled green.
Next time I'm making him wear a leprechaun hat.
But we did have corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots!
Randomly at book club, we also did a craft.
Monster and owl bookmarks!
From Pinterest. Which someone at church has been calling
"Pin-interest." Perplexingly.
I love crafts. I think he is a cross between a monster and an owl
and distinctly Muppet-ish.
Wild pansies!
Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere,
all over our yard.
And the lawnmower mostly even leaves them alone.
That is the magic of spring. 
And speaking of Muppets!
The cake.
Alight with 14 candles -
because that's what we had.
But I blew them all out in one go,
so maybe my wish will come true!


erin j said...

good work on the swing set. we built ours last year and if a friend had not happened by at the EXACT right moment, it would still be lying in the grass on it's side. but it was a labor of love and i'm proud of it (as you guys should be!)
also, i still say pin-interest in my head because it makes MUCH more sense to me. hehe.
happy belated birthday pen!!!
ps if you lied closer (ehem!) i would help you with the threading. it's not TOO hard. i recommend doing it and undoing it and redoing it about 8798345 times just so you memorize it and don't have to look at the manual every.single.time. heh. don't be scared to mess up. my mom always said, "as you sew, so shall you rip!" words to live by for sure!

almost anonymous said...

Love the new workspace!